Portable AC Not Blowing Cold Air: What To Do?

 As a homeowner, you may be wondering what is wrong with your portable air conditioner and what to do when it isn't blowing cold air. Fortunately, we have done the research for you, and here is what we found.

A portable air conditioner may fail to cool your home for various reasons. If your portable AC is not blowing cold air, do these to tackle the problem:

  • Check if your AC is getting power.
  • Check your AC settings.
  • Clean dirty air filter.
  • Check for blocked condensation drain.
  • Check your fan grilles for obstruction.

Fixing this problem can be easily done without the help of a professional. Keep reading to get detailed information on things to do to solve the problem of a portable AC blowing hot.

A small portable air conditioner inside a living room, Portable AC Not Blowing Cold Air: What To Do?

What Should I Do When My Portable AC is Not Blowing Cold Air?

There are different reasons why your portable air conditioner is not blowing cold air. Detecting the issue is always the first step in any problem-solving process. When your portable AC is not blowing hot, you should do a troubleshooting test. Here are things to do when your portable AC is not cooling your home:

Check If Your AC Is Getting Power

It is important to check if power is been supplied to your air conditioner if it doesn't come on after pressing the power button. Check the electrical plug that is attached to the air conditioner.

There should be a test button and a reset button for a built-in breaker, click the "test" button to trip the breaker, then push firmly on the reset button and attempt to turn the air conditioner on.

If the AC still won't turn on, check the power outlet. If the outlet isn't working, check to see if a wall switch is turned off, and then check the breakers in your home's electrical system.

Check Your AC Settings

A portable air conditioning unit

Cool, Fan, and Dry are the three settings found on virtually all air conditioners. Ensure that your air conditioner is set to the "Cool" mode. Once it is in this mode, you can check if it has started blowing cold.

Clean Dirty Air Filter

Dirty filters restrict the flow of air from your AC. You should clean or replace the clogged air filter to get your air conditioner working again. To prevent this problem, make sure to clean your AC often to avoid an accumulation of dust particles.

Check For Blocked Condensation Drain

Mold and algae growth can block condensation drains, which can be a problem in humid environments. When this occurs, some air conditioners fail to blow cold air, while others will completely shut down. So, you should always clean your condensation drain.

Check Your Fan Grilles For Obstruction

Check the fan grills to ensure that nothing is blocking the openings. You can direct a flashlight into the openings to know whether something is obstructing fan's the movement.

Though some of these troubleshooting steps are simple enough for you to do on your own, you should consult a professional for complicated issues, such as a broken thermostat or low freon levels. 

Generic portable air conditioner standing near the window in the room.

Why Is My Portable AC Not Blowing Cold Air? 

Having an air conditioner that does not produce cold air could be a result of different issues, and detecting the source of the problem is essential to solving the problem. An air conditioner not producing cold air could be a warning sign that there is something wrong. The followings are the possible causes of the problem:

Wrong Thermostat Settings

If your AC is in the wrong setting, it may not blow cold air. The temperature setting of your AC should be lower than your room temperature. Changing this setting will disrupt the smooth operation of your cooling system. 

Dirty Air Filter

Most issues with an air conditioner can be traced back to dirty air filters. This is because the effective operation of air conditioners depends on the airflow. The dirt that accumulates on the filters can also make its way to other components of the air conditioner, causing them to malfunction.

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Clogged Condensation Drain

The humidity removal from the air by air conditioners is accomplished partly through condensation. But the moisture that is removed from the air must go somewhere. Depending on your system type, a condensation drain hose has to either move water to a floor drain or the outside of your house. When the hose is blocked, the air conditioner will be unable to blow cold air. 

Fan Obstruction

When the fan movement of your AC is obstructed, the air conditioners will not be able to produce cold air and will eventually shut down and stop working.

What Temperature Should I Set My Portable Air Conditioner? 

Generally, when the temperature starts to get hotter outside, you turn on your AC. At this point, you may be wondering the temperature to set your portable AC. As per the Department of Energy, the best setting for AC when people are at home and require cooling is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because it balances energy savings as well as comfort. 

If your home is not cool enough, you can decrease the temperature setting by one or two degrees to know if your home gets cooler. You can keep doing this until you are comfortable with the temperature.

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Can A Portable AC Be Recharged? 

A small white portable air conditioner next to a low wooden gray bed

Even while some portable air conditioners can be recharged, it is advised that you do not do so. Typically, when people claim they will restore their portable air conditioner, what they mean is that they will replace the refrigerant. 

A refrigerant leak occurs if there is less refrigerant present than there should be in the system. In such instances, rather than "recharging," the most effective thing to do would be to correct the leak.

How Long Can Portable Air Conditioners Last?

There is a 5-10 years lifespan for portable air conditioners. The amount of cooling output that can be generated by portable air conditioners can range anywhere between 8,000 BTU to 15,000 BTU. The lifespan of portable AC may be short when compared to other types due to the following reasons: 

  • They can be moved from one place to another and easily damaged.
  • The materials used in producing portable air conditioners are not usually durable.
  • Portable air conditioners have a shorter lifespan since their compressors are of lower quality than the ones in other AC.

Is It OK To Leave Portable AC On All Day? 

You can run a portable AC all day but it is not advisable to keep it on at all times. It is best to give your air conditioner regular breaks just like other appliances because its parts might get strained or easily wear and tear.

The continuous use of AC may become risky if the AC is plugged into an overused plug. Since air conditioners consume a lot of electricity, a short can occur in the absence of a good plug.

Portable AC usually collects condensation during cooling and the water may accumulate in the water tank. So you have to drain the water regularly as the tank fills using a drain hose. With the in-built flat switch, most systems turn off when the tank starts overflowing. But if the switch develops a problem, there is a chance it will not work. When this happens, the water may overflow and cause damage to your home.

Do Portable AC Units Use A Lot Of Electricity? 

Portable air conditioners do consume electricity. They are referred to as energy hogs by some. The typical power consumed by a medium-sized portable air conditioner is about 2900 watts per hour. Large units can consume roughly 4100 watts per hour. They require more power to function.

The overall amount of electricity a portable air conditioner uses depends on its wattage. It is also based on how long the AC is left running. The period of operation is determined by the difference in temperature between the indoor and the outdoor, as well as the temperature that is intended to be maintained inside the building. 

To Wrap Up

A small portable air conditioner inside a living room

You can get your AC in working order by cleaning or changing the filter, checking the settings, and checking the fan grilles. If you have done all these and it is still not working, you should consult an HVAC expert.

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