How To Reset A Daikin Air Conditioner

Sometimes, the Daikin air conditioners won't turn on. You may attempt several things to fix the issue, but nothing happens. In this case, your only option is to reset your Daikin air conditioner.

However, unlike typical AC maintenance, resetting your system isn't usually something to worry about. Worry no more. We've got this! We thoroughly research this topic, and here's what we've found below.

First, you should check a few things before you reset a Daikin air conditioner:

  1. Check whether its operational lamp is OFF or not.
  2. If it is OFF: inspect the breaker fuse and ensure it's working.
  3. Also, check if Daikin's air conditioner power supply is ON.
  4. Check its cord and securely attach it to the outlet.
  5. You should also ensure your Daikin's remote batteries are still operational.

After verifying all of the above, you can start the resetting process:

  1. If a green flashing shows on your operational lamp, switch OFF its circuit breaker.
  2. Also, ensure that you disconnect its power cord from its outlet.
  3. Allow the AC unit to rest for about two minutes before turning on the power supply again.
  4. Check its operational lamp whether the light has finally gone or not.
  5. If the light stops flashing, you successfully reset your Daikin air conditioner.

That was a lot of information! Continue reading to learn the other resetting procedures relating to your Daikin air conditioners. With that said, let's start the discussion below!

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How To Reset A Daikin AC Remote Control

The remote in your Daikin air conditioners simplifies all the controls you may want to command on the air conditioner. However, like anything else, Daikin's remote control also malfunctions. Resetting it will fix the issue.

Here are easy steps on how to reset your Daikin remote control:

  1. Go to the power or ON and OFF keys on the Daikin's air conditioner remote.
  2. Hold the power key for two or three seconds, and then release it.
  3. Stop the air conditioner's operation by pressing the OFF key.
  4. Let the remote update its system for a few seconds.
  5. Turn the air conditioner's ON again.

Suppose the remote resetting procedure doesn't fix the issue. We suggest calling your Daikin technician to assess the problem.

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Why Is My Daikin Air Conditioner Light Blinking?

Your air conditioner unit's blinking light could signify a series of issues. If you notice the light blinking, it needs an immediate check-up or evaluation.

We make a few lists below of why this issue occurs in your Daikin air conditioner, this includes:

Dead Remotes Battery

Air conditioner

In general, most air conditioner remote uses a battery to function. You might notice a flashing light in your air conditioner when you realize the battery in your remote control is getting low.

This issue is the simplest one you can fix on your own. Just replace its battery, and then you are good to start your air conditioners. However, you can read your manual for further details to ensure the proper replacement.

Faulty Power Cord

This is a typical issue that could affect your Daikin air conditioner. Your machine may cease to operate as a result of this issue. You can fix the problem by changing the old power cord to a new one.

Get in touch with the manufacturer and ask for a replacement part to ensure you get the same model. Replacing this component right away can prevent any new issues from happening in the future.

Moreover, if you continue to neglect this issue, you increase the risk that your air conditioner system may easily catch fire.

AC Is Leaking

Water leaking from the air conditioner drips from the cooler.

The poor moisture circulation system in your unit is frequently to blame for the leakage of your Daikin air conditioner unit. This issue is easy to fix, so you won't need to be afraid about fixing it yourself.

If you want to solve this issue, you must use caution. Before you begin touching and fixing this issue, you must switch OFF the power supply first.

Faulty AC Parts

You may encounter this more significant problem if the blinking light is on the air conditioner. In contrast, only the Daikin can diagnose and figure out the precise cause of why this is an issue happening.

When you've done all the evaluations above and the issue persists, it's time to call your AC specialist.

Dirty Air Filter

Your air conditioner's air filter catches any air pollutants and eventually hinders the airflow of the air conditioner unit. You should regularly clean your air filter to prevent the Daikin operational light from flashing.

Daikin advises cleaning your air filter every two weeks, often in notorious dusty places. Use a cleaning agent that you may purchase at the nearby store.

Nevertheless, you must take great care when cleaning your filter.

How Do I Clean My Daikin Air Conditioners Filter?

It's generally better to be proactive when dealing with an AC system, as this will ensure it lasts years to come without any significant issues.

You will run your Daikin air conditioners more power efficient if you clean its air filter regularly.

The filter cleaning procedure will begin with:

  1. Open the Daikin panel and gently remove the air filter.
  2. Start cleaning the dust build-up using a vacuum cleaner.
  3. If the filter is severely dirty, wash it with warm water and detergent.
  4. Ensure to dry the filter before reattaching it back.
  5. Securely close the panel.

Check this vacuum cleaner on Amazon.

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Since you're into filter cleaning mode, cleaning the Daikin cooling fan or heat exchanger is worth it. This will also benefit you to keep the cooling fan clean and in shape before the cold season arrives.

How Do I Reset The Filter Sign?

Every cleaning cycle of your Daikin air filter comes with resetting or updating the filter sign. This is significantly vital for the system to notify you whenever your AC's filter needs cleaning accurately.

Kindly follow these easy steps to reset the filter sign correctly:

  1. In your Daikin remote control, tap the FUNCTION key.
  2. Search the RESET FILTER SIGN menu using the ARROW sign guide and tap it once.
  3. Find the AIR CONDITIONER menu using the ARROW keys.
  4. Now tap the SET or CANCEL key for about 4 - 5 seconds to successfully reset the filter.

NOTE: While resetting your filter, you must finish the resetting process.

The system will return to its default setup, the ALL or INDIVIDUALLY screen.

How Do I Identify The Error Code On A Daikin Mini Split System?

If it isn't working properly, you can use the remote control to get the error codes from your Daikin mini split. Generally, when there is an issue, a green light will continue to flash on your Daikin panel.

It's necessary to address this issue right away for you to know how you handle or fix the specific issue. Also, your immediate action is a must; thus, it will determine how you prolong the life of your AC unit.

To identify the error code, you'll have to:

  1. In your remote control, select the CANCEL key.
  2. Tap and hold the CANCEL key for about 6 seconds.
  3. Wait for the system to cycle until the 00 appears.
  4. Tap the CANCEL key again once for the system to evaluate the error codes.
  5. You will hear a short beep, an indication of a non-error, and a long beep for the error.

NOTE: If you lost your remote and couldn't find a way to perform this process. We suggest calling your Daikin help service to assist you in solving this problem.

How Long Will A Daikin Air Conditioner Last?

Air conditioner service

The lifespan of a Daikin air conditioner can exceed 15 years, particularly with good care and regular servicing. Even though Daikin is a reputable brand globally, this doesn't mean it is immune to breakdown.

Its lifespan also depends on the usage and the correct AC unit installed.

To Wrap Things Up

Resetting your Daikin air conditioner units brings several advantages and benefits to your AC unit. This simple task will determine the overall operational efficiency and how effectively the air conditioner unit will work.

Throughout this topic, you learned how you reset your Daikin air conditioners. You also know how to reset its remote control when malfunctioning occurs.

Overall, we are optimistic that sharing this significant knowledge with you will help you care for your Daikin AC unit. Use all of this information to your advantage to prevent or avoid any serious issues occurring in the future, and good luck!

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