Amaze Heater Vs Envi Heater: Which To Choose?

If your small room or RV is freezing on cold nights, it's time to equip it with a compact but efficient heater. You're choosing between an Amaze heater and an Envi heater. But how do you know what to choose? We did our research to guide you on things you need to know and help you determine the best heater.

The Amaze heater claims to have noiseless operations with wide selections and is energy efficient. Meanwhile, the Envi heater is a simple plug-in and is cool to the touch. Both heaters are easy to install, take up a small area in your house, and are relatively cheap.

Now, you have an idea of what these heaters could offer. Read more to discover their features and drawbacks that may be a consideration factor for you.

Choosing Between Amaze Heater And Envi Heater

Small convection heaters like Amaze or Envi warm up the available cool air in the area in an inaudible process. It goes on until you feel your room become warmer. Both are non-fan electric heaters that are compact and easy to fit in every room. It is ideal in living rooms and sleeping areas.

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Amaze heaters are available in mini 250-watt, maxi 600-watt, and more. The mini heater is ideal for an 80 sq. ft. room, while the maxi is fit for a bigger space of about 300 sq. ft. It has a modern freestanding or wall-mounting design with smart systems, such as a programmable timer and Wifi setting.

Envi heaters are 2 in. thick and you can even install them at the back of furniture. It can generally heat a room with 130 to 150 sq. ft. It comes with a thermostat for easy control and settings.

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Installing these small convection heaters is a no-brainer. It has free-standing or wall-mount designs. The products come with screws and mounting materials, making it much easier for the homeowner to install. It takes you less than half an hour to mount it.

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Amaze heaters have a drill-less mount system which is safer. Both panels can be a DIY installation. You don't need extra skills to station it.

Heating Ability

As mentioned earlier, convection heaters don't heat a room immediately. It gradually warms your room as it sucks in cool air and converts it to warm air through convection. You may add other heat sources for a large space to warm up.

The Amaze heater has an adjustable thermostat which users find convenient. Since basements can get damp and cold most of the time, it is also a great source of heat in a basement-turned sewing room. It can also keep a family in an " target="_blank" rel="noopener">RV warm.

Meanwhile, the Envi heater can keep a tiny home in a favorable climate warm as it runs all day, and you can still enjoy the warmth throughout the night with it off. But again, it will take a while to warm the house back again in chilly mornings. So, you may consider an additional heater, such as a ceramic heater.

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Energy Efficiency

wall socket.

Amaze heaters provide the greenest and most efficient heating setups for your house. They serve well during extreme weather conditions without costing you so much your energy bill. 

The running cost of Envi heaters is also low, usually going approximately 5 cents per hour. It runs less than 4 cents per hour for dual-stack models.


Both of the slim convection heaters do not produce annoying sounds and are almost soundless. Both brands pride themselves in this feature as their products do not have moving parts and fans. 

Amaze heaters even emphasize this quality by noting they only use low-noise drive elements. Thus, no-sound operations. Same thing with Envi heaters. These heaters run completely quietly.


Amaze heater company takes the title "Safest Panel Heaters in World." It is a slim panel that you can install anywhere in your room without the worry of burning. However, some homeowners complained of its toxic or burning smell, which questions its safety.

Envi heaters have built-in wall sense technology and are advertised as "cool to the touch." It can warm up a room and not leave it with a negatively toasty feeling. You can keep it running all day. But you may hear a light-striking sound when turning on the panel. You may want to observe further and have it checked by a professional.


Since these heaters don't have many moving parts, it calls for slight to no maintenance at all. Envi heaters have no maintenance cost with three years of manufacturer warranty. It also has this slim and clean design that makes cleaning easier.

Amaze heaters have a limited 3-year warranty, and you have to pay for all the refund shipping costs of any items.


The Amaze and Envi heaters cost relatively cheap compared to other heaters. They are small and use little electricity, and are budget-friendly. For example, the Amaze mini heater 250-watt costs around $85, while the maxi with 600-watt is about $140. The Envi heater starts at around $160.


Envi heaters have more satisfactory results online than Amaze heaters. Amaze heater users usually complain about the burning or safety hazard of the panel, while Envi heater users are not so happy with the heating ability of their units.

Though some reviews can alter some comments. Both heaters serve their major purpose overall and are very attractive to many homeowners due to their size and convenient design.

How To Choose The Best Electric Heater?

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Everyone wants to purchase an appliance without regretting it later. There are things to consider to buy a heater that is satisfying to users. Make sure to dive deep into the details to know what you want and if it suits your house.

  • Heater type: Establish the type of heater that fits your need. There are different types of heaters, such as infrared, convection heaters, and space heaters. Be careful when choosing the type, as it also indicates the noise the panel can produce. Some produce audible noise from their parts, while others are soundless.
  • Heating capacity: Know how electric heaters work. They are not an alternative to your main heat source with higher watts. An electric heater is ideal for small spaces and not the only heater for the entire home, so keep your expectations reasonable.
  • Heat settings: Some convection heaters have a built-in thermostat for easy management. These heaters run under 120 volts or 240 volts.
  • Energy efficiency: There are features to look for in a heater for efficient performance, such as auto shut-off, a programmable timer, and LED light indicators. Find a heater with all the features you want.
  • Safety: Safety is non-negotiable. Features, like auto shut-off or timer, help prevent fire or accidents at home. Cool-to-touch features and switch buttons that are not reachable to children are essential safety details.
  • Aesthetic: Electric heaters come in various designs, from vintage to modern. You may want to pick a heater that blends with the style of your room. Modern designs are also slim and more convenient to install.
  • Noise level: A radiant heater is known for its quiet operations. Heaters equipped with a fan tend to be noisy. Good thing a lot of convection heaters offer noiseless and no-moving parts assemble.
  • Installation: You can get a heater which requires further installation if you're used to DIYs at home. Some panels come with screws with a simple installation or hire an expert to do it for you.

How To Clean Electric Heaters

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It is recommended to clean your electric wall heater at least twice a year. You may clean it more frequently if you have pets or think if there is more dirt or debris present than usual. Prepare the materials you need before opening or touching your heater:

  • Soft cloth
  • Compressor air
  • Mild detergent as necessary

Once you have the materials, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Unplug the heater and wait until it cools down.
  2. Wipe off the dirt on the exterior with a soft cloth. Blow compressor air from the top vent to the bottom to remove dust inside the heater.
  3. Use a soft, damp cloth with mild detergent to remove any dirty marks or stains on the outer cover. Dry the cover immediately with a soft cloth. Never use abrasive cleaning products on any surface of the unit.
  4. Do not let water sit on the heater.
  5. Completely dry the unit before plugging it in.

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Summing Up

Amaze heaters run quietly with different selections and don't hurt your budget for paying the electricity bills, while Envi heaters are American-made products with a cool-to-touch feature. These heaters have a simple DIY installation at reasonable prices.

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