Can You Mount A TV Above A Fireplace?

Deciding where to put some things in your house can feel impossible sometimes. Do you want to try mounting your TV above the fireplace but don't know whether or not that's okay? Well, we've done plenty of research and have the answer waiting for you.

Yes, you can mount a TV above a fireplace as long as the fireplace is electric. Considering how much heat a gas or wood-burning fireplace can create, it's better to keep your TV at least a few feet away to prevent it from melting or otherwise becoming damaged. That said, if you want to mount your TV above an electric fireplace, we recommend leaving at least 12 inches of space between the TV and the fireplace to be safe.

As we begin, we will cover all things fireplaces and discuss how and if you can mount your TV on top of one. Whether you just moved or need some help rearranging, we're here to offer some help. With that said, let's dive into this post!

A gorgeous entertainment are with black cabinets and white mantel fireplace with a TV on top, Can You Mount A TV Above A Fireplace?

Is It Safe To Mount A TV Above A Fireplace?

In general, as long as you leave enough room between the two, there shouldn't be any issues mounting a TV above the fireplace. As mentioned, electric fireplaces tend to be the best options for doing this because they don't let off as much heat as a gas or wood-burning alternative will.

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That said, you do still want to leave about a foot of space between your television and electric fireplace just in case it has a top-end vent to prevent any damage to your TV, so keep that in mind.

How Close Can A TV Be Mounted To A Fireplace?

The minimum distance between a fireplace and a mounted TV should be around 20 inches. Although you can get away with 12 inches if your fireplace is electric, mounting a TV above any other type of fireplace will require much more room.

You want to give your TV 7-8 inches of clearance from the top of your fireplace's mantle to keep heat exposure minimal. It's also important to make sure your mantle is at least 12 inches above your fireplace, so you might need to use a tape measure.

Does The Heat From Fireplace Damage A TV?

Damage TVB due to fire

Yes, the heat from a fireplace can damage a TV. This will usually result in a melted electronic, which can end up costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars to replace.

Damage from a fireplace's heat could even void your TV's warranty, which makes giving it plenty of space even more critical. Again, an electric fireplace won't usually end up melting your TV, so this applies more to those with gas or wood-burning appliances.

How Much Heat Can A TV Take From A Fireplace?

A TV can usually withstand temperatures up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit from the fireplace before becoming damaged or broken. Of course, this heat tolerance can vary by brand, so we recommend reaching out to the manufacturer before mounting your electronics.

However, if your fireplace is electric and you leave 12 or more inches of space between the two, we don't see any need to worry.

Can I Mount A TV Above My Brick Fireplace?

A brick fireplace with a wooden top mantel

Yes, you can mount a TV above a brick fireplace, although this will be a tedious process. Generally, mounting a TV above a brick fireplace requires masonry bits and a hammer drill as well as a professional to do it correctly.

On top of that, mounting a television above a brick fireplace can cause its bricks to crack, so this isn't always an easy task. Of course, as long as you hire someone who knows what they are doing, you shouldn't run into any major problems, but again, it's always a possibility.

How Much Does It Cost To Mount A TV Above A Brick Fireplace?

In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $175 to over $400 to mount your TV above a brick fireplace. As mentioned, brick can be harder to work with, so you'll need to hire a more skilled person to do the job, which ultimately makes this process more expensive.

Adding to that, you might also need to build a mantle between your fireplace and TV if it's gas or wood-burning, so this entire project could easily cost you upwards of $1,000.

Can A Mantle Hold A TV?

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If your mantle is sturdy, it should be able to hold a TV on its own. Most often, a well-built mantle will be able to hold up to 180 pounds, which is more than enough for your television.

That said, many mantles aren't deep enough to accommodate a TV, so even if yours is sturdy, it might not have enough depth to hold your device safely. Furthermore, your mantle might not be far enough from the fireplace to protect your television from heat damage.

How High Does A Mantle Need To Be Above A Fireplace?

You want to have your mantle be at least 12 inches away from the fireplace. Giving about a foot of clearance between the two will keep the items on your mantle protected from the heat, which comes in handy if you want to put your TV up there.

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) also recommends leaving at least 12 inches from the top of your fireplace to the bottom of your mantle and having it be at least 4 1/2 feet above the floor, so try to be mindful of those guidelines.

Do Electric Fireplaces Get Hot?

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No, electric fireplaces don't get super hot. Considering the flame in an electric fireplace isn't real, the only heat that should come out of your appliance is through its venting.

Again, this won't be enough to melt a TV or burn you if you touch it, which is why so many people choose to have an electric fireplace over traditional options. That said, the heating element (usually at the bottom of an electric fireplace) can get pretty warm, so be careful when moving and adjusting it.

Can I Put My TV On Top Of An Electric Fireplace?

As long as your electric fireplace's heating element is at the bottom, it should be fine to place your TV on top of it. Of course, we recommend mounting the TV instead for functionality and aesthetic purposes, but if you want to try having your television sit on top of your fireplace, you certainly can.

As we mentioned earlier, an electric fireplace doesn't create as much heat as a traditional option, meaning it will be safer for your TV and any other electronics.

How Do I Hide The Wires From My Wall-Mounted TV Above The Fireplace?

If you have your TV mounted above the fireplace and don't want to see any of its wires, there are ways to hide them. One way to do this is to run the wires/cables through your wall. This will keep them protected from heat as well as out of the way.

You can also try finding a similar colored fabric to your walls, wrapping it around your wiring, and camouflaging them that way, so this doesn't always require an electrician.

Should A TV Be Bigger Than The Fireplace?

No, it's usually better to have your TV be a bit smaller than your fireplace. We say this because your fireplace should work more like a frame for your television, which means it needs to be wider.

Having your TV be bigger than your fireplace can also make it appear small, which can come across as awkward in a space. Of course, this comes down to your preference, but if anything, try to have your TV and fireplace be similar in width.

To Wrap It Up

A gorgeous entertainment are with black cabinets and white mantel fireplace with a TV on top

Whether you want to mount your TV over the fireplace or haven't thought to try this, figuring out your measurements is essential. You can mount a television above a fireplace as long as you give it about a foot of space.

That said, we recommend only mounting a TV above an electric fireplace to prevent heat damage, although if you have a mantle, you might be able to do this with a gas/wood-burning option.

Of course, it's always a good idea to leave plenty of room between electronics and fireplaces regardless of how they operate, so the more clearance, the better.

Regardless, remember to measure out your space before mounting, and don't be afraid to use some fabric to hide the wires from your TV.

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