Can You Use A Programmable Thermostat With Electric Baseboard Heat?

Electric baseboard heaters are perfect for heating a specific area in the house that your central HVAC system cannot reach. If you own one, you might wonder if you can use a programmable thermostat. Wonder no more because we have researched this question to provide an answer.

You can use a programmable thermostat with an electric baseboard heater.

In fact, installing a programmable thermostat can significantly decrease or cut your bills. This is because a programmed thermostat will automatically turn down the heat when needed.

Although electric baseboard heaters can function even without a thermostat, there are other benefits that an installed thermostat can bring to your heating system.

Continue reading as we give you the benefits of using a programmable thermostat with electric baseboard heaters. In this post, we will also tackle some frequently asked questions.

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Can You Use A Programmable Thermostat With Electric Baseboard Heater

Commodity prices are continuing to rise, which is why many homeowners are looking for ways to save energy and decrease their energy consumption.

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One of the highest contributors to energy consumption is electric heaters. So, the question is, what will help you cut your energy bills while warming your home?

One thing that can help you lower your energy bills by your programmable thermostat. This type of thermostat automatically lowers down or turns off your electric heater when it is not needed.

They are perfect when you're family is fond of traveling and leaving your home as often since a programmable thermostat will turn off the heater without you.

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Benefits Of Programmable Thermostat

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Here are some of the benefits you can get when you use a programmable thermostat with your electric baseboard heater:

Saves Money

Everyone wants to save money while keeping their house warm during winter. One of the best benefits of using a programmable thermostat is money-saving.

Since they are automatic in lowering the heat when it reaches the desired hotness of the room, it will make it easier for the heater to work, reducing the energy consumption in your home.


If your family loves to travel, you might be one of the many homeowners who struggle to ensure they don't go home to an uncomfortable temperature inside the house.

With the help of a programmable thermostat, you won't be worried about it anymore. The device will ensure the temperature is set correctly while you're away.

Some thermostats also have more advanced features that allow you to control the temperature in your home while away. This ability makes it very convenient to use while saving energy.

Consistent Temperature

One benefit of a programmable thermostat is that it can maintain a constant and consistent temperature around your house.

You won't need to worry about finding the right temperature since the thermostat will do it for you. This is also ideal for preventing spot cooling or heating inside the house.

Optimize HVAC System

Using a programmable thermostat with your electric baseboard heater will help your HVAC system to work efficiently.

Installing this kind of thermostat also helps extend the lifespan of your HVAC unit since it won't have to work so hard. 

Zoning System

A smart thermostat regulates the home's temperature even if there are multiple temperatures in the house. They can be set up to manage the temperature that each room needs.

Things To Consider When Choosing Smart Thermostat For Electric Baseboard Heater

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With all the benefits a programmable thermostat offers, you might be thinking of having one in your home now.

However, there are things you need to look into when choosing the right smart thermostat for your electric baseboard heater.


Not all thermostats are created equal. There are limited options of programmable thermostats that you can use for your electric board heaters. So, before purchasing, you need to consider if your electric board heater is compatible with the programmable thermostat you are going to buy.


Another important thing you need to look into is the wiring. In this case, if you're not sure how to do proper wiring and where to connect them, you need to seek a professional's help to ensure it is installed safely and correctly.


The type of thermostat and the features you need depends on how many electric board heaters you have at home. The more heaters you have in your house, the more thermostats you need to purchase.

Smart Features

Different programmable thermostats have different smart features. Make sure to choose the feature that is right for your needs. If you're not familiar with these, consult the device's manual.


Several smart thermostats are available in the market at different price points. Most good-quality thermostats are a little more costly, so choose the thermostat that will fit your budget.

How Much Is A Programmable Thermostat?

Cost is one of the most important factors many homeowners look at before purchasing. So, how much does a programmable thermostat cost?

A programmable thermostat is considered the most expensive type of thermostat. Its price ranges between $120-$300. If you have more heaters installed in your home, you will need a thermostat for the heaters in each room.

The installation costs range from $95-$1,000 each, meaning that the overall cost of purchasing and installing a programmable thermostat is $215-$1,300 for each thermostat.

Can You Install One Thermostat For Multiple Heaters?

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Many homeowners wonder if they can use one thermostat for multiple heaters in their homes. The answer is yes. However, there are things you need to consider when doing so.

If you have multiple heaters in a single large room and space, it will be okay to control the heat with only one thermostat. This is not recommended if your heaters are located in different areas of the house.

Since each room has a different temperature, having a single thermostat for all of them will not be efficient and may lead to higher energy consumption.

Is It Safe To Leave Your Electric Board Heaters On All The Time?

Warming your home is very important so you will feel comfortable. Some people want to turn their heaters on while at work since they want to have a comfortable home temperature when they go home. However, many

homeowners wonder if they can leave their electric board heaters turned on all the time and unattended.

The safety of your home when leaving your electric board heaters unattended all the time depends on several factors, such as the quality and type of the heater you're using and the proper wiring and thermostat.

Using a programmable thermostat with your electric board heaters is safe since they help you control the temperature inside your house even if you're away from home.

However, you also need to ensure that your thermostats are in good condition.

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Additionally, you need to check if the wiring is installed correctly so there will be no risk of fire and burns. This will allow you to turn on the appliance all the time without causing it to start a fire and other hazards.

How Long Does A Thermostat Last?

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Like any other appliance, thermostats have limits on their life. It is important to know the different signs that will tell you if you need to replace your thermostat so you will maintain the efficiency of your heater.

A thermostat typically lasts ten years, depending on how well it is maintained and taken care of. However, since many homeowners want to cope with the trend, they try to replace their thermostats with newer models earlier than waiting for them to stop working.

In Conclusion

Thermostats come in different types and features. Although you can use a manual thermostat for your electric baseboard heater, installing a programmable thermostat will provide you with many benefits that manual heaters can't.

Programmable thermostats will help you consume less energy which will help cut your energy bills. Also, when installed, they can prolong the life of your HVAC system, whether it be old or new.

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