Can You Use A Dyson Humidifier As A Fan?

Humidifiers are handy devices to have in our homes. Before you purchase a humidifier, you'd like to know if it has lots of functions and features. Most consumers want to have devices that can multitask! To save space and avoid clutter, you may be looking for a humidifier that can double as a fan. Can the Dyson humidifier also function as a fan? We inquired from the experts, and we got an answer.

Yes, you can use a Dyson humidifier as a fan. The Dyson humidifier has a fan function incorporated in it. Instead of purchasing two separate items, you only need to press a button to switch the functions.

Thanks to the ingenuity of fan manufacturers, consumers can minimize their purchases but get quality appliances. Read further to see how the Dyson humidifier can transform into a fan with just a click.

A Dyson Humidifier at a living room, Can You Use A Dyson Humidifier As A Fan?

What Does A Dyson Humidifier Have?

When you purchase a Dyson humidifier, you also get a fan and an air purifier. 3-in-1 is what Dyson engineers offer. Each function is important and comes in a futuristic look and feel.


Dyson has added to its humidifier a fan function. You can use the fan to circulate the air in the living space. The fan not only circulates air, but it also has a cool breeze function. The cool breeze system mimics a natural breeze without becoming cold.


The Dyson humidifier keeps the air in the living space moist. Dry air can irritate the throat and nasal passage. You might not notice the irritations immediately. This can result in dry cracked skin, dry sinuses, and dry sore eyes.

Air Purifier

The air around in the home might be polluted by toxins in smoke and mold. The Dyson humidifier has Ultraviolet Cleanse Technology, which will filter the air before blowing it out.

Dyson Humidifier Features

The futuristic Dyson humidifier has some cool features that make the appliance stand out. These features are straightforward to understand.

1. Breeze Mode

If you are happy with the humidity level in your living space but need to circulate the air, use the fan. The fan's breeze mode will help move the air around.

2. Deep Clean Cycle

Self-cleaning appliances are what most consumers like. Some models have this feature for busy consumers.

3. Night Mode

After an exhausting day, you'd like some peace. The Dyson humidifier has a night mode that makes the appliance dimmer and quieter.

4. Automatic Sensors

The jet age era has produced smart appliances. Once the Dyson humidifier detects pollutants, including smoke, it increases its activity to eradicate them.

5. Oscillation

To get air circulating to every intended corner in your living space, the Dyson fan has different oscillation angles. The angles are 0, 45, and 90 degrees in the fan function.

6. Timer

You can program the Dyson humidifier to come on automatically at intervals. The intervals can be between 30 minutes to 8 hours.

7. Smartphone Compatibility

Dyson has made its consumers happy by ensuring that the humidifier is compatible with smartphones.

8. Large Water Tank

A large water tank is one of the most desirable features of a humidifier. The Dyson humidifiers have large water tanks. This enables the humidifier to run for long hours.

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Setting Up A Dyson Humidifier

Setting up a Dyson humidifier is a straightforward process. You can proceed with it after purchasing your appliance:

  1. Start by unwrapping it.
  2. Insert the filters in the appliance.
  3. Next, pick a convenient spot for the humidifier. Ensure that you have a socket nearby.
  4. Fill the water tank and cover it properly.
  5. Plug and turn the humidifier on.
  6. Finally, set the humidification and humidification mode on automatic.

For remote-controlled models, place the remote on top of the humidifier. They'll be held in place by a built-in magnet.

Here's a video that demonstrates how to set up a Dyson humidifier:

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How Does The Fan In a Dyson Humidifier Work?

The Dyson fan, as you might have realized, doesn't have blades. The fan takes air from the atmosphere then pushes it out through the air tunnel.

The flow is less directive compared to traditional fans with blades. The lack of blades means that there isn't that feeling of cold air from blades slapping you directly.

The Dyson humidifier fan releases a smooth flow of air like a breeze. To clarify, the airflow is multiplied and mimics a natural breeze.

A biostatic evaporator process is created when the powerful airflow combines with the humidity in the appliance. That's to say, the breeze becomes cooler. It's very much like putting a bowl of ice water in front of an ordinary fan.

The other functions, such as air purifier mode or humidifier, don't work when the fan is working. The fan solely works as a fan, and not as a humidifier either.

Note: You won't have dirt, dust, and grease sticking on the fan and throwing it back at you.

Watch this video for a short description of the science behind the Dyson humidifier fan:

How To Clean A Dyson Humidifier

The Dyson humidifier is easy to clean, but it requires patience. This humidifier has several small pieces that could gather hard water residue.

Before you start cleaning your humidifier, you'll need to prepare a solution. It isn't recommendable to use soap because any soap residue left in the humidifier will get into the atmosphere when you turn it on.

Consumers can use readily available items at home. All you need is white vinegar or citric acid, plain water, clean kitchen towels, and a soft brush. To make the solution, mix a liter of water and two tablespoons of citric acid or white vinegar.

Follow these steps for a clean humidifier:

  1. Disconnect the humidifier from the socket.
  2. Proceed to disassemble the humidifier. Ensure that you remove all the removable pieces.
  3. Drain any water in the trough and the water tank.
  4. Pour the solution into the trough, water tank, and air tunnel. Let is sit for about five minutes.
  5. Shake the solution in the water tank and trough and thoroughly rinse with plain water.
  6. Soak the other small pieces in the solution. Use a brush to remove any residue.
  7. Give the air funnel a thorough clean before rinsing everything with running water.
  8. Dry all the parts and pieces of the humidifier with a kitchen towel.
  9. Start reassembling the humidifier patiently.
  10. Fill the water tank halfway and plug the humidifier back in.

Here's a video that elaborates on the cleaning process:

Benefits And Drawbacks Of A Dyson Humidifier

Consumers want to be sure that their purchase is worth it and does what it promises to. This will prompt you to find out the pros and cons of a Dyson humidifier.


  • Cleans the air and purifies from pollutants and allergens.
  • Soothes dry skin, nasal passage, and eyes during the cold harsh winter.
  • The breeze mode helps keep the room cool in the hot months.
  • It's 3-in-1: a humidifier, air purifier, and fan.
  • It has a futuristic look.
  • It doesn't have sharp blades.
  • A very quiet appliance.


  • The Dyson humidifier is rather expensive.
  • It's not so easy to clean and maintain.
  • Some models have a small opening to refill the tank.
  • It comes in huge sizes.

What Kind Of Water To Use In A Humidifier?

You can use either tap or distilled water. Although distilled water is better because it has been rid of impurities.

Tap water might have some impurities. On the other hand, the Dyson humidifier does purify the water. Therefore, it doesn't matter whether you use distilled or tap water.

How Much Water Do Dyson Humidifiers Use?

A gallon of water can last up to 36 hours when the humidifier is working constantly. When not in use the water can last up to three days.

Note: Ensure that you empty the water from the tank if it hasn't been used in a while.

Can A Dyson Humidifier Be Used As A Diffuser?

No, you can't use the Dyson Humidifier as a diffuser. Any humidifier keeps the air moist. Moreover, the Dyson humidifier purifies the air!

Putting essential oils in the water tank will certainly clog the filters. It's because they are oil based. The manual doesn't indicate using anything else in it other than plain water.

Final Thoughts

A Dyson Humidifier at a living room

The fan is a wonderful addition to the air purifier and humidifier. The fan works independently from the other two functions.

Ensure that you properly maintain your Dyson humidifier for it to serve you longer.

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