Does An Ozone Machine Kill Roaches?

Using an ozone machine, you may efficiently eliminate odors, bacteria, and viruses. Because of this, you may occasionally use an ozone machine inside your home. With all of its uses, has it crossed your mind if ozone machines can also kill roaches? We've researched this topic and have gathered the best information for you.

An ozone machine is very effective at killing indoor insect pests like cockroaches thanks to its strong oxidation properties. Ozone is a potent oxidant that is safe to use in homes with kids and pets.

Ozone is also safe for the environment as a substitute for pesticides that frequently leave an unhealthy product residue inside pesticide-treated homes. However, before you use it, you need to first understand ozone—why it is useful, why it can be dangerous, and what precautions you should take before using it. Keep reading to find out if having an ozone machine in your home is ideal for you and your family.

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Ozone Machine For Getting Rid Of Roaches

Ozone-generating tools that purposefully produce ozone gas are known as ozone machines. These generators can range in size from tiny hand-held devices to massive industrial machines that can crank out several hundred kilos of ozone per hour. Ozone gas is created with water mist sprayed from a nozzle to improve its ability to control pests.

Ozone machines use the principle of corona discharge. These devices create ozone by dissolving ordinary oxygen molecules in the air into single atoms using electric discharge. Then the unstable atoms combine with other oxygen molecules to generate ozone. Through a process known as oxidation, after the ozone is created, it reacts with bacteria and breaks it down into simpler molecules.

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Ozone machines are frequently used to destroy germs, kill various insects, and remove odors such as cigarette smoke and pet pee. Ozone also has the capacity to spread quickly in small spaces and penetrate difficult-to-reach insect hiding places.

A study exposed cockroaches to ozone gas at a concentration of 33.3 mg/L for 40 and 50 minutes, respectively. After 24 hours, all cockroaches were killed by the application. Therefore, in certain circumstances, ozone may be a good substitute for managing populations of resistant cockroaches.

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Precautions Before Using Ozone Machines

Ozone is highly potent and has a history of successfully getting rid of pests and bugs infesting any environment. If you've never used an ozone machine before, adhere to all the safety precautions listed below:

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1. Empty the Area

Utilizing ozone generators in an empty space is the safest option. During the ozone treatment session, no people, animals, or living plants should be inside the ozone-treated home or commercial facility. Staying in the same room with an ozone generator that is running is not advised.

2. Protect Electronic Equipment

To prevent potential damage from prolonged ozone treatment sessions, you should cover all exposed electronic equipment such as televisions and computers with plastic sheeting tightly taped with masking tape.

3. Let Air Enter the Room

Lock all windows and doors except for one window that is close to the running ozone generator. Open it slightly so fresh air can enter the room.

4. Eliminate Explosive Gases

Although ozone is not explosive, if a fire starts, it may spread more quickly. The area to be treated must be smoke-free. This includes removing cigarette smoke and kitchen smoke and purifying the air.

5. Use a Shutdown Timer

The majority of ozone machines have a timer that you can use to turn the device off after the timer expires. Although most ozone machines feature a timer, you can use an outlet timer if you don't have one.

6. Wait Until All of the Ozone has Dissipated

Be patient and give yourself ample time, because this could take several hours. Wait for at least 4 hours before returning to an ozonated room. After shutting off the ozone generator, the ozone gas converts back into regular oxygen in around 30 minutes. After the ozone has completely dispersed, you may enter the room.

7. Maintenance

Carry out periodic maintenance of the machine, such as cleaning the collecting plate every 2 to 6 months. If you're a frequent user, look for fine dust or oily buildup on the output area because these conditions will lower the machine's performance and durability.

Additionally, keep the generator away from areas with excessive humidity. Moisture may be the source of arcing inside the ozone generator. On the other hand, you can operate the machine at either a warm or a cold temperature.

8. Frequent Sessions

To ensure that all insects are dead, do further ozone treatment sessions each day for a few days, if necessary.

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How Long Does The Ozone Machine Take To Kill Roaches?

High output ozone gas is the most effective at killing indoor insect pests such as cockroaches. Study shows that by using 480 ppm of ozone,  all cockroaches perished following a 12-hour treatment.

Is It Safe To Have An Ozone Machine In The House?

Ozone generators are a practical way to eliminate odors and pollution inside. But it can be unhealthy, whether in its pure form or combined with other substances. High ozone levels are linked to several negative health impacts. Ozone generators are harmful because of the exact molecular mechanism that makes them so powerful.

Ozone is incredibly dangerous for living things to breathe in, including people, plants, and animals. Exposure to ozone can harm the lungs. Ozone may also impair the body's capacity to fight respiratory infections and exacerbate chronic respiratory conditions. Children, people, with asthma, and elderly adults are some of the groups that are most at risk.

To keep an ozone generator separated from other rooms, shut the door to the room and cover any vent. Ensure that everyone has left the area before using it on the whole thing.

How Long Does It Take To Run An Ozone Machine In A House?

Generally, an ozone machine should run for 3-6 hours, depending on the size of the room. At least 25 to 30 hours of nonstop operation are required to eliminate most contaminants in a home completely. To be safe, stay away from the room for at least 4 hours after turning off an ozone generator.

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How Long Would It Take For Ozone To Clear The Room?

Ozone stays in the atmosphere for 30 mins to 4 hours before fading back into oxygen. You must wait a while before entering an ozone-filled room because doing so can harm your health. To be safe, stay away from the room for at least 4 hours after turning off an ozone generator.

Will Ozone Generator Damage Electronics?

Because the ozone machine has powerful oxidizing capabilities and is often detrimental to most metals, your electronic devices may be harmed by ozone.

When utilizing ozone, make sure to keep it away from electrical outlets and electronic devices. You may cover them with plastic sheeting tightly taped with masking tape.

What Is The Difference Between An Ozone Machine And An Ionizer?

Ozone produced by an ozone machine eliminates odors permanently through a process known as oxidation, while an ionizer works to lessen airborne pollutants like dust and pollen. The ionizer produced a small amount of ozone along with the electrical charge, which improved the air's odor. 

The primary distinction is that ozone generators intentionally produce ozone, whereas ionizers occasionally do so as a by-product.

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Can Ozone Go Through Walls?

Ozone is similar to air, and air cannot go through walls. Therefore, ozone won't pass through a wall. Wood, wall, and other non-porous building materials are impermeable to air and ozone. We advise using the hose assembly to keep the machine outside the treatment area if you need to get ozone into smaller, more difficult-to-reach areas.

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Final Takeaways

Avoid operating an ozone generator in an area with excessive humidity because the moisture will harm the arcing inside the machine. On the other hand, you can operate the machine at either a warm or a cold temperature.

Even though many manufacturers assert that practically all toxins may be rendered harmless by ozone, it is still crucial to adhere to safety precautions and comprehend the structure of the contaminants.

You should work with a reputable cleaning and odor-removal company that provides ozone generators. These knowledgeable professionals have undergone thorough training and have the skills required to complete the ozone process securely and effectively.

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