Heil Vs Goodman Air Conditioner

There are a lot of important factors to consider when purchasing an air conditioner. Both Heil and Goodman AC units have good reputations, but how do they differ? We've researched this topic to bring you the information you need!

Heil has a more affordable starting price than Goodman, although its installation cost can go higher than Goodman's. The former is equipped with geothermal technology, whereas the latter is partnered with ENERGY STAR to ensure energy efficiency. Both can provide you with a 10-year warranty.

While these are the essential differences, there's more to know about these brands. In this article, we'll cover more about prices, customer service, and warranties offered by these companies. Keep on reading to find out more about the range of models, technology, and features of These brands.

A comparison between Heil and Goodman air conditioner, Heil Vs Goodman Air Conditioner

Which is Better: Heil or Goodman

Heil has been in the HVAC industry since 1962 as a unit of International Comfort Products Corporation(ICP), a subsidiary of Carrier Global Corporation. The company is well-known for its durable and high-end models. Goodman has been around since 1982, taking pride in its products assembled and engineered in the U.S.A. with great partnership among heating and cooling professionals across North America.

Heil or Goodman: Prices

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Heil AC's minimum size unit of 1.5-ton costs $895 with a $3,105 installation cost. A 5-ton unit costs $2,055 with a $4,575 installation cost. Goodman's 1.5-ton unit costs $1,145 with a $3,295 installation cost. Its 5-ton unit costs $2,590 with a $5,430 installation cost. The installation fee depends on the model and size. The prices are not definite. Contact your nearby licensed contractors to get the best deal possible.

Heil or Goodman: Models and its Features

Find out the list of models of each brand, from simple to premium features. Knowing the design of your AC is necessary to maximize comfort. Heil and Goodman innovated models that fit different users. Check out the features below:

Heil AC Model

  1. N4A3(Performance 13 Central Air Conditioner)
    • a cost-effective unit
    • 13 SEER
    • 74 decibels
  2. NXA4(Performance 14 Central Air Conditioner)
    • a cost-effective unit
    • 14 SEER
    • 75 decibels
  3. N4A5(Performance 14 Central Air Conditioner)
    • equipped with reliable performance
    • 14 SEER
    • 75 decibels
  4. NH4A4(Performance 14 Compact Central Air Conditioner)
    • ideal for multi-family housing
    • 14 SEER
    • 66 decibels
  5. N4A4**C(Performance 14 Coastal Design Central Air Conditioner)
    • designed to protect its parts from corrosion
    • 14 SEER
    • 71 decibels
  6. NXA6(Performance 16 Central Air Conditioner)
    • high-efficiency cooling performance
    • up to 16 SEER
    • 76 decibels
  7. N4A6(Performance 16 Central Air Conditioner)
    • high-efficiency energy
    • up to 17 SEER
    • 70 decibels
  8. N4A5S(Performance 15 Central Air Conditioner)
    • strong performance
    • up to 17 SEER
    • 73 decibels
  9. N4A7(Performance 17 Central Air Conditioner0
    • two-staged air conditioner at a reasonable price
    • up to 17 SEER
    • 71 decibels
  10. N4A7T(Performance 17 Central Air Conditioner)
    • two-staged air conditioner
    • up to 18 SEER
    • 71 decibels
  11. HSA5(Ion 15 Central Air Conditioner)
    • Wi-Fi Capable
    • up to 15 SEER
    • 74 decibels
  12. HSA6(Ion 16 Central Air Conditioner)
    • equipped with remote access
    • up to 16 SEER
    • 69 decibels
  13. H4A6S(Ion 16 Central Air Conditioner)
    • a high-efficiency air conditioner
    • up to 17.5 SEER
    • 71 decibels
  14. HCA7(Ion Two-Stage Air Conditioner)
    • equipped with remote access
    • up to 17 SEER
    • 70 decibels
  15. HVA9(Ion Variable-Speed Air Conditioner)
    • advanced air conditioner
    • up to 19 SEER
    • 56 decibels

Goodman AC Models

  1. GSX13
    • split air conditioner
    • 13 SEER
  2. GSXN4(Energy Efficient Base Value)
    • split air conditioner
    • 14.3 SEER2
  3. GSXB4(Energy Efficient Base Plus)
    • split air conditioner
    • 14.3 SEER2
  4. GZXM4(Multi-Family Split System Air Conditioner)
    • split air conditioner
    • 14.3 SEER2
  5. GSX14
    • split air conditioner
    • 15 SEER
  6. GSX16
    • split air conditioner
    • 16 SEER
  7. GSXH5(High-Efficiency Split System Air Conditioner)
    • energy certified
    • up to 15.2 SEER
  8. GSXC16(ComfortNet Communications System)
    • up to 17 SEER
  9. GSXC7(High-Efficiency 2-Stage Scroll)
    • split-system air conditioner with increased airflow
    • up to 17.2 SEER2
  10. GSXC18(ComfortNet Communications System)
    • split air conditioner
    • 19 SEER
  11. GVXC20(High-Efficiency Air Conditioner with Inverter Technology)
    • highest review rate from their product site
    • up to 24.5 SEER

Heil or Goodman: Technology

Heil utilizes Ion System with remote access and Geothermal technology that can save energy use up to 70%. Plus, Smart Sense Technology lets you enjoy optimal comfort. Goodman's leading features are factory-installed filter driers that detect moisture, lugs that provide a secure main power connection, and louvered coil guards and paint finish for protection.

Heil or Goodman: Warranty

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Heil guarantees a 10-year warranty cover on parts like compressor and coil registering within 90 days of installation. On the other side, Goodman ensures a 10-year warranty upon registration upon 60 days of installation. Premium models have more comprehensive coverage of a 10-year parts and unit replacement warranty and a lifetime compressor warranty.

Heil or Goodman: Reviews

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2022 study of America's Most Trusted HVAC System Heil is ranked 11, followed by Goodman. Another study of the same year has Goodman as rank number 3 without Heil on the list. It gained its rank due to its quality yet budget-friendly American brand and unit replacement inclusion in the warranty.

Are Heil air conditioners made by Carrier?

Heil Heating & Cooling is a product line of ICP owned by Carrier or Carrier Global Corporation. Carrier was formerly under United Technologies in 1979 but became an independent company in 2020. Though, Heil offers a significant variety of products different from Carrier. 

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Is Goodman made by Trane?

Goodman air conditioners are not made by Trane. Daikin Group owns Goodman or Goodman Global, which is the world's largest manufacturer of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning products and systems.

Trane is an independent company founded in 1913 with its headquarters in Swords, Ireland. It is also engaged in energy conservation and renewable energy projects.

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Where is Heil AC made?

Heil is a business line of ICP, which has its headquarters in Lewisburg, Tennesse, United States. The parent company Carrier's headquarters is at 13995 Pasteur Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418. It's a global company with worldwide service and market. 

Where are Goodman AC units made?

Goodman AC

Goodman has been deliberately advertising its products as manufactured in the U.S. Its headquarters is in Waller, Texas, U.S.A. It is the largest investment Daikin has ever made in its 90-year of history in the business. It has co-brands such as Amana, GMC, and Janitrol. Daikin was founded in 1924 by Akira Yamada in Japan. 

How much more efficient is a 20 SEER vs 14 SEER?

20+ SEER rating is tagged as high-efficiency, while 13-16 SEER rating earned baseline efficiency. A 20 SEER makes you save more than a 14 SEER. A 14 SEER generally runs at a low speed and for a longer time producing a leveled temperature in your house. Steady low-speed compressors do not take much energy compared to an AC that speeds up upfront or turns on and off.

Does higher SEER mean colder air?

No. The higher the SEER means greater comfort because it consumes less energy with the same amount of cooling compared to a lower SEER air conditioner. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating or SEER calculates the average cooling usage in summer divided by the total consumed energy in cooling. The U.S. Department of Energy will require a minimum of 14 SEER in northern states and 15 SEER in southern states for home air conditioning systems starting January 1, 2023.

Summing Up

Comparison between Heil and Goodman air conditioner, Heil Vs Goodman Air Conditioner

Have you made up your mind? Choosing a better AC takes a lot of consideration. But, learning more about what a unit has to offer makes you a wise buyer. Now, you can contact an authorized dealer without hesitation about what specific brand model you want or need. 

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