How To Clean A Portable Air Conditioner [Including Coils And Water Tank]

Cleaning an air conditioner seems complicated, but honestly, it is not. All you need to have is patience and a bit of hard work. This post will unfold the simple and easy steps we researched to clean a portable air conditioner.

The simple steps we talk about are:

  1. Prepare your air conditioner for the cleaning process.
  2. Drain the water tank.
  3. Clean and wipe the filters.
  4. Inspect the coils.
  5. Polish the exterior of the air conditioning unit.
  6. Dry your air conditioner thoroughly.
  7. Store it properly.

The mentioned steps above are the easiest to grasp. However, if you want to know these steps detail by detail, we recommend you keep reading. It is always better to know more before getting started. And we are very confident that this post will help you a lot.

An ironing table and a portable air conditioning unit, How To Clean A Portable Air Conditioner [Including Coils And Water Tank]

Steps To Clean A Portable Air Conditioner

To properly clean your portable air conditioner, we suggest you follow and execute the steps below. Maintaining the unit will help you avoid some future troubles and repairs. In addition, it will contribute to the lifespan extension of your air conditioning unit.

A small portable air conditioning unit

1. Prepare your air conditioner for the cleaning process

It is always preferable to come prepared. Getting prepared means getting the job well done!

Unplug the air conditioner

You should unplug the air conditioning unit from the socket and place it on a dry and flat surface. There is a possibility that the water on its tank could leak, and you should avoid putting it on your expensive flooring. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Get your tools ready

Get your screwdriver, a bucket, spray bottle, a clean cloth, and a cleaning solution. You can also prepare a clean air filter just in case you need to change the existing filter on your air conditioner.

Dismantle your unit

Read the manual or the manufacturer's instructions on how to disassemble your portable air conditioning unit.

2. Drain the water tank

A portable air conditioner removes heat from the air and condenses it. The water that it collects goes into its water tank. And that is something you need to clean and drain regularly.

Some portable air conditioner models have indication lights if the tank is already full.

Locate the drain; you can usually see it at the back of the unit. Place the bucket below it and allow the water to unload. On the other hand, some portable air conditioners have their draining hose to drain themselves.

3. Clean and wipe the filters

Replacing the air filter of a portable air conditioning unit

Regularly checking the portable air conditioner's air filter means ensuring that the unit works productively. It would help if you kept it free from dirt and dust. If they are dirty, it will be hard for your air conditioning unit to work and cool the air.

The recommended filter cleaning is at least three times per month. However, you should check it more often during summer.

The process of cleaning its air filter will depend upon the manufacturer's cleaning guidelines. The reason is some filters are washable; others are not. And those that cannot be cleaned are disposable, so they need filter replacement.

Moreover, if the filter is removable, you have to clean it using a vacuum, then dip it in warm water with soap. Allow it to dry thoroughly after. You can also opt to use a vinegar cleaning solution to disinfect the filter.

4. Inspect the coils

We consider the coils one of those expensive parts in a portable air conditioning unit. So, you have to clean as gently and carefully as possible. You don't want to spend much money on its repair for a break you caused.

Take the clean cloth and make it damp using a vinegar solution to clean it properly. Gently wipe away the dirt or any build-up that you can see. If you are conscientious enough, you can buy a cleaning solution made especially for the coils. You can buy one at your local hardware store.

Always remember to keep the portable air conditioner's coil extra clean. Doing so will make the coil absorb more heat to cool a room more effectively. Moreover, it keeps you from spending too much on the coil's replacement if damaged.

5. Polish the exterior of the air conditioning unit.

Get another clean cloth to use in wiping the outsides of the air conditioner. You can wet the exterior using a spray bottle or damp the fabric and then wipe all the areas as thoroughly as possible.

Be sure to polish every nook and cranny of your portable air conditioner. Dirt and dust may have been hiding in those areas for a long time. Dry the air conditioning unit meticulously.

We suggest you clean and wipe the whole exterior of the air conditioner routinely. Check the air conditioner every week to get rid of anything building or blocking the air conditioner up. It doesn't require general cleaning, although it needs rigorous wiping and polishing.

6. Dry your air conditioner thoroughly

After all the cleaning you have done, dry the portable air conditioner thoroughly. Doing so will avoid mold build-up and staining your unit.

To help you dry every existing moisture, you can switch the air conditioner and put it on fan mode for a few minutes. It is the easiest way to dry the unit.

7. Store it properly

The condition of the air conditioner for the months you will store it will depend upon its proper storage.

We suggest using a new box or cover for the portable air conditioner. And make sure to store it in a dry and clean place. Doing these things will aid you in avoiding the growth of mold while it is in the keeping stage during the winter.

Voila! Those steps mentioned above will make the lifespan of your portable air conditioner longer. In addition, a clean air conditioning unit can maximize energy efficiency and high performance.

Importance of Keeping Your Portable Air Conditioners Clean

Adjusting the portable insulation temperature

We cannot deny the importance of a clean portable air conditioner. Aside from operating smoothly, a clean portable air conditioner can also remain efficient. Enumerated below are the factors why you need to maintain the cleanliness of your air conditioners.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Like other things, a clean portable air conditioner can function well when no hindrance on its performance. When it is in its excellent and unstained state, it will be working more efficiently.

Any part of the air conditioning unit that is dirty can affect the normal running process of the unit. It might require your air conditioner to work harder than usual. To clarify, the more work your unit does, the more energy it will consume. And it could possibly impede the cooling process of the portable air conditioner.

Reduced Utility Bills

Typically, HVAC systems cover a notably huge portion of monthly electrical utilization. As we mentioned earlier, a dirty air conditioner will have to work harder. And as a result, it will use up more energy or raise its operating costs. And that will end up consuming a large amount of your monthly utility bill.

To conclude, cleaning your portable air conditioner will reduce your electricity bills because it doesn't have to work harder. Save energy, save cash!

Fewer Repairs and Replacements

Replacing the air filter of a portable air conditioning unit

Just a little advice, don't ever try to ignore your portable air conditioners if you don't want to spend buckets of cash.

Running your air conditioning units in their dirty state will give way to troubles and unit failures. As time passes by and it collects more and more dirt and dust, it will be harder for you to clean it.

Additionally, the coils will eventually overheat since they will be inadequate in dissipating heat because of the stubborn dust and dirt. There is also a possibility that the coils will freeze up. These problems can lead you to parts replacement, or if you are too unfortunate, the whole portable air conditioner is the one to be replaced.

For sure, you want to avoid these things. Then we suggest having your portable air conditioners cleaned regularly by a professional. One advantage of hiring professionals is they can find potential problems that your unit might experience in the future. Hiring one will cost you less compared to repairs and replacement.

Improved Air Quality

Portable air conditioners aren't all about cooling homes; they help homeowners achieve quality air inside their homes.

If your unit is free from dirt, it will not make room for mold, bacteria, and germs to build up within its surfaces. Its cleanliness will keep you and your family away from respiratory infections and asthma attacks.

Summary and Clarification

An ironing table and a portable air conditioning unit, How To Clean A Portable Air Conditioner [Including Coils And Water Tank]

Maintaining the cleanliness of your air conditioner gives rise to energy efficiency, saving money, and air quality. Additionally, it ensures the well-being of the homeowners.

In conclusion, keeping your portable air conditioners clean is a vital part of a healthy home.

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