How To Hide (Camouflage) A Mini Split Unit

It is possible to hide a mini-split screen in your home. A mini-split unit can be made less obvious in a number of ways. Here are the recommended methods you can try according to the HVAC experts we consulted.

If you want to conceal a mini-split, you can hide it in the ceiling, build a bookcase around it, or tuck it into a recessed wall. You can also be creative by making gardens around it or beautifying its surroundings. 

There are other creative ways you can make your mini-split unit less visible. Stay put and continue reading as we break these down below. 

A white mini split air conditioning unit, How To Hide (Camouflage) A Mini Split Unit

What is a Mini Split Unit?

A mini-split unit is a type of heating and cooling system that gives you precise command over the temperature in a specific room or area of your home.

This type of unit is simple to install. In most cases, you only need to drill a hole in the wall that is three inches in diameter for the conduit.

An air conditioner mounted on a metal bracket on the side of a house

The two primary components of a mini-screen are an outdoor compressor, also known as a condenser, and an indoor air-handling unit, often called an evaporator.

How to Hide or Camouflage a Mini Split Unit

The following are some methods that can be used to conceal your mini-split unit without drawing attention to it:

  • Hide it behind a recess in the wall. When a micro-split unit is concealed behind a recessed wall, it does not protrude into the living space in the same way that it does when it is mounted on a flat wall. As a result, it blends in with the wall and is not noticeable within the home.
  • Conceal it in the ceiling. The mini-split system is available in a variety of configurations, one of which is the ceiling mount cassette. Since they are intended to be installed within ceiling recesses, ceiling mount mini-split systems are among the types that are the least obvious to the naked eye. 
  • Hide with a bookcase, an entertainment console, or a cabinet by building it into the space around it. This will help it blend in more naturally with the area.

Can a Mini-Split be Painted?

Interior of an ultra gorgeous classic inspired bedroom with brown curtains and a mini split ac on the side

Yes, you can paint a mini-split. However, in the process of doing this, ensure that none of the paint reaches the internal mechanics, the coil, or the air filter, because it can cause the unit to run inefficiently and may harm the system.

The coverings that are placed on top of the indoor units can be removed carefully.

Every model has its unique characteristics, but they have an installation manual that contains step-by-step instructions on how to remove the cover and pinpoint the locations of all of the screws.

If you mask off everything that should not be painted, you can either paint the indoor or the outdoor unit.

The only word of caution is that not all indoor units are fastened  securely on the plate. There are other types in which the indoor head is simply hanging onto the wall plate. 

How Do I Decorate My AC Unit?

The AC unit can be decorated with several methods. You can add stickers to it or cover it with photographs.

Some other decorating methods include: adding festive tinsel and garlands, painting it with cool designs, and covering it with rhinestones. 

Are Mini-Splits a Good Investment?

A mini split air conditioning unit mounted on a wall

Mini-split systems are a smart financial investment for most types of buildings. They make it possible to have spot heating and cooling that works independently of a central system.

This enables control that is both effective and inexpensive for only the areas that are being occupied.

How Can I Hide My Heat Pump?

If you use a heat pump, you may be wondering about ways that you can hide it. Here are some ways you can try. 

Privacy Screen

Depending on where your heat pump is located, a simple privacy screen can be all that's needed to keep your heat pump hidden from view.

The key to ensuring that the heat pump does not overheat and that it does not restrict airflow is to ensure that it has plenty of room around it.

Concealment of a heat pump can be accomplished with relative ease and minimal expense by using a privacy screen.

A Garden Art Display

A gorgeous garden inspired house

Using one of the many lovely garden art screens that are readily available is yet another fantastic method for effectively concealing your heat pump from view.

This will not only help to conceal the heat pump unit, but it also has the potential to add some visual interest to the overall design of your garden.

Check out this butterfly garden decor on Amazon.

A Screen For Planting 

It's a good idea to have a planter box if you want more plants and greens in your garden. However, you should take care not to plant trailing plants in the box, as they could potentially get in the way of the pump.

A Vintage Screen With a Shabby-Chic Aesthetic

An upcycled room screen may make a fantastic garden and heat pump screen, in addition to providing you with a solution that is adaptable and simple to install. If the retro appearance is more your style, consider using one.

Vintage Door Screens

Reclaimed doors may give your yard a cool bohemian vibe and screen off a lot of things you don't want to be seen, including your heat pump.

With the addition of a few ornamental components, you will have a garden feature that you'll be pleased with.

Should I Put a Fence Around My AC Unit?

Yes, you can put a fence around the AC unit. You may reduce the risk of damage to your air conditioner by keeping animals and even potential criminals away from it by putting a fence around it.

What Can I Put on The Sides of The Air Conditioner?

A white air conditioner inverter mounted on a concrete slab

Here are some items you can put at the sides of your air conditioner to reduce its visibility. 


When you landscape around your AC unit, there should always be a clean space that is at least two to three feet in diameter. If you get any closer than this, you will restrict the flow of air.

It's possible that this will lead to less energy efficiency, a shorter expected lifespan for the system, and more fixing up to do. 

As long as they are properly planted, a windbreak is an excellent way to shield your air conditioner from the extreme weather conditions that may be encountered.

When you are doing landscaping around your air conditioning unit, you can choose evergreen plants to provide a windbreak.

Large Potted Plants

Large potted plants are a wonderful alternative to erecting a hedge and are a good choice if you prefer something a little less permanent. They will tuck the condenser away discretely and out of sight and may be moved if required.

Additionally, this option enables you to grow various plants every year—the decision is entirely up to you. Plants are a great method to increase the aesthetic value of your yard. 

Use a Trellis or Lattice 

You don't have to fill your landscaping plan with plants only. You still have a few more choices available to think about. Your unit can be hidden from view in an aesthetically pleasing manner by using a trellis.

You can adorn them with embellishments such as vines. Just keep in mind that you need to give careful attention to the plants you grow. 

Screens and Lattice Box

If you do decide to enclose your air conditioning unit with a screen, you will need to ensure that there is sufficient space for the condenser unit and that it can be accessed without much difficulty through either a door or an open side.

If you feel that screens are a little too functional for your tastes, then a lattice box might be the best alternative to conceal your unit.

It looks great, yet requires no maintenance whatsoever because it combines the functions of a screen and a trellis.

Keep in mind that there should not be a lid, since doing so would significantly impede the passage of air through the system. Check to see that all of the space requirements are met, as well as that there is a means to access it.

Gravel Garden

Do you want something with absolutely no maintenance? You should give growing plants in the gravel a shot.

Your air conditioner will be installed on a raised platform made of level cement. Every other thing can be made from gravel. You may also add some mulched plant beds to the design to make it look even more appealing.

In Conclusion

A white mini split air conditioning unit

Hiding your mini-split improves the aesthetics of your environment. This article has explained different methods that can be used to hide your mini-split, the clearance needed, and other ways to make your system less exposed. 

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