How To Put A Hayward Heater In Remote Mode

You might want to take a dip in your swimming pool, but it's too cold outside. A Hayward above-ground pool heater can warm up the water. You may wonder if you can operate the heater remotely. We've researched this question, so keep reading to find out how to put your Hayward heater in remote mode.

You can put a Hayward heater in remote mode for a two-wire remote thermostat or a three-wire remote switch connection. Just follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the heater is in POOL or SPA mode. Then press the MODE button to set it on STANDBY.
  2. For a two-wire connection, press and hold both DOWN and MODE until you see the code BO (bypass operation). The sensor will then regulate the heater temperature.
  3. If you have a three-wire remote switch, set it to Pool/Low or Spa/High. The POOL or SPA LED will light up, and the thermostat will operate the heater.

You will need to check the wire connections before you set up the heater in remote mode. Read along to learn how to put a Hayward heater in remote mode and how you can operate it remotely.

How To Set Remote Mode For A Hayward Heater

Dad and son was frozen in the pool.

During cold weather, you can swim in your outdoor pool by heating it with a reliable pool heater. Hayward is a trusted maker of above-ground pool heaters that can regulate the pool temperature effectively.

Due to the cold, you might hesitate before going out and pressing buttons on the heater. Luckily, you can control a Hayward heater remotely.

Before you put the heater into remote mode, make sure the wires connect properly from the remote control to the terminals on the factory harness.  You can refer to the product manual for a visual representation of the connections. If the diagrams confuse you, let a Hayward expert assist you with the setup.

The steps will vary depending on the remote wiring connections. A Hayward heater may have a two-wire remote thermostat or a three-wire remote switch. These differ in settings but have similar results.

Here are the steps for putting a Hayward heater in remote mode.

Two-Wire Remote Thermostat

If your Hayward heater model has this connection, the thermostat can regulate the temperature and heat on its own. To determine this configuration, check the wires of the junction box. The wires connecting to the remote control terminal block are orange (POOL or SPA) and white (24V).

Follow these steps to put it in remote mode:

  1. Make sure that the heater is in POOL or SPA mode.
  2. Press the MODE button on the user panel keypads to set the heater on STANDBY mode. On STANDBY mode, the heater will not heat the water.
  3. Press and hold the MODE and DOWN buttons for at least three seconds. The panel should display BO, which means bypass operation. In this mode, the heater responds to the remote call for heat while the thermostat monitors the temperature. 
  4. The POOL or SPA LED lights should illuminate. The heater's thermostat sensor limits the water temperature to 104° Fahrenheit.

Three-Wire Remote Switch

This configuration has three wires: orange and white for the two-wire connection and red for SPA.

The difference between this configuration and the previous one is the bypass operation, which is only available for the two-wire connection. Unlike the two-wire configuration, there is no need to configure the MODE setting.  The three connecting wires do the job. 

To set the heater to remote mode, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that the heater is in POOL or SPA mode and set the heater to STANDBY mode.
  2. With the remote switch, you can choose POOL or SPA. The corresponding LED should light up and display the water temperature.

Unlike the two-wire remote connection, you need to locally set the point temperature for POOL and SPA modes. 

The LED lights illuminate to signify the activated mode. If you set the heater on either POOL or SPA mode, it automatically maintains the water temperature you have set for the modes. 

You can refer to the product manual or contact Hayward customer service if you have difficulties in setting the remote mode. 

How To Operate A Hayward Heater Remotely

Woman regulating heater temperature

After you put the heater on remote mode, you can use it with the remote control. Hayward has wireless or spa side remotes that communicate to the heater units. The remote types vary depending on the base station of the heater.

The spa side and mounted remotes work with the Pro Logic and Aqua Logic units. The wireless remote works with the Pro Logic, Aqua Logic, AquaPlus, and OnCommand pool controls.

Read on to learn the usage instructions for these remotes.

Spa Side RemoteHayward pool equipment

The spa side remote works with radio frequency. You press the button on the remote to command the heater unit. The LED light of the remote flashes once. After a few seconds of delay, the heater control will get the frequency transmission, and the remote's light should flash twice. 

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You can do the following with the remote:

  • Aux1 ON/OFF - Allows manual operation to override automatic controls
  • Filter ON/OFF - Overrides automatic settings
  • Heater ON/OFF - Turns on the Heater1 output when the filter pump is running
  • Lights ON/OFF - Also allows a manual operation to override automatic controls
  • Valves POOL/SPA - Lets you choose from POOL or SPA function

The remote runs on two replaceable AAA batteries. Check the base station of the pool heater to determine if you can use this kind of remote.

Wired Mounted Remote

Woman adjusting thermostat on white wall. Heating system, How To Put A Hayward Heater In Remote Mode

For older models, Hayward has a wired mounted remote that can show up to three remote displays. You will need four conductor cables to connect the panel to the heater control center. The maximum distance is 500 feet.

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Wireless Mounted Remote

Hayward pool equipment

Use this mounted remote for Pro Logic PS and Aqua Logic PS models. The software should be updated to at least r2.00.

You can place this remote indoors or in a protected location where rain can't hit it. Install the remote within 250 feet (if there are walls) and up to 500 feet from the base station. 

You should let a qualified technician install the remote to avoid errors and damage.

Wireless Remote 

Hayward also has the AquaPod 2.0, a wireless and portable touchscreen remote for other pool automation controls. You can use it outdoors and even in the pool because it has weathertight and buoyant housing.

Its built-in battery pack is rechargeable, and you can use the remote while it is charging. You can use this remote within 200-400 feet. You can also mount it 500 feet away from the pool heater control. The remote uses a 900 MHz frequency hopping spread spectrum to transmit information.

You should make sure your heater unit is compatible with the remote. Older base stations will not receive communication from the remote.

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Remote Pool Management

With advancements in technology, it is now easy for you to operate your Hayward heater by pairing it with your smart devices. You will need to download the AquaConnect app for your iPhone or iPad.

Hayward's remote pool management system allows you to manage the pool heaters if there is an internet connection. You can open the AquaConnect app to obtain information and control the heaters. It can be integrated with your existing home automation system.

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In Summary

Setting up the remote mode of your Hayward heater is easy. Before putting it into remote mode, you will need to set up the wiring. Check if your unit requires a two-wire or three-wire configuration.

The two-wire remote thermostat has a bypass operation function. The three-wire has no bypass function. When the heater is in POOL or SPA mode, set it to STANDBY. When the LED lights flash, the heater thermostat can regulate temperature and heat.

With the heater in remote mode, you can use a spa-side, mounted, or wireless remote to control the heater. You can also connect the heater to Hayward's remote pool management system.

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