How To Reset Friedrich PTAC Unit

The most common reason for an AC unit requiring a reset is when the AC unit's protection circuit breaker trips. This event is usually done after a power outage to prevent fires and explosions. If you have a Friedrich PTAC unit and are not sure how to reset it, you're in luck! We've done the research to address your PTAC concern.

To reset your Friedrich PTAC unit, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your air conditioning. 
  2. Locate and press the reset button. 
  3. Hold the reset button for 3 to 5 seconds and restore power to your air conditioner. 

Frozen lines, power outages, and difficulty cooling hot rooms are all common problems. But there’s nothing more frustrating than your air conditioner failing to turn on. Continue reading for more insight and a troubleshooting guide in the next section of this post.

PTAC unit installed under a window, control panel door is, How To Reset Friedrich PTAC Unitopen.

PTAC unit installed under a window

Back view of a PTAC unit on a cart outside, compressor, coil and copper pipes seen.

PTAC electronic control board with all factory cables still intact.

PTAC unit outdoors on a cart.

Resetting Your Friedrich PTAC Unit

PTAC unit installed under a window, How To Reset Friedrich PTAC Unit?

Here are the detailed instructions to reset your PTAC:

1. Turn off your air conditioning

Begin at your circuit breaker panel and flip the breaker that powers your air conditioner. Also, turn the power switch outside your PTAC unit to the off position.

2. Locate and press the reset button

Locate and press the reset button - PTAC unit installed under a window, control panel door is open.

A reset button is found on the majority of air conditioning units. These buttons are usually red and small. If you can't find it, refer to your owner's manual. (If you can't find it, most of them are available online for quick reference.)

3. Hold the reset button for 3 to 5 seconds and restore power to your air conditioner

Before letting go of the button, press and hold before restoring power to your PTAC. Then turn on all of the switches, including the one in your breaker panel.

Troubleshooting Guide

Here are more comprehensive steps that will assist you in case you need to fix your Friedrich unit:

  • If the device keeps blowing fuses or tripping the power switch, unplug the device from the wall outlet.
  • To make sure that the equipment on the circuit is within those limits, check the breaker box to see the circuit's power capacity and load limit. If there are too many appliances on a circuit, unplug some of them and rearrange them.
  • If the device won't turn on, remove the plug from the extension cord. Some Friedrich units are not designed to work with extension cords. Connect the device to a grounded electrical outlet.
  • After a power outage, if the device doesn't turn on, press the "Reset" button on the Friedrich plug. The "Reset" button should still be compressed after you've pressed the unit's "On/Off" button to turn it on.
  • On a hot day, avoid using big appliances that produce a lot of heat. If the air conditioner seems to be running too often, turn on the exhaust fan while cooking or showering. When exposed to high temperatures, the unit works harder than usual.
  • Lift the window's holding mechanism if water is dripping from the unit into the room. A slight tilt toward the back of the unit should be used when replacing the unit. The excess liquid should drip from the air conditioner in the direction of the drain pan at the back.
  • Friedrich's lowest thermostat setting may cause the device to freeze while in use. When the outside temperature is less than 65 °F, turn off the Friedrich or run the fan.

What To Do If AC Circuit Breaker Won't Reset?

A tripped circuit breaker is one of the most common issues in a home's electrical system. You've probably had it happen to you a few times. The fix is as easy as flipping a switch and turning the lights on.

An air conditioner's circuit breaker, however, may fail to reset or continue to trip. What do you do if your circuit breaker cannot be reset? To avoid costly mistakes, you must pay attention to some details. Here are the steps to figure out how to reset an air conditioning breaker:

Prepare yourself

  • Replacement circuit breakers: This item may not be required if the AC unit breaker continues to trip or short-circuit after resetting it. To avoid problems, replace the old unit with the same make and model.
  • Wear gloves when touching circuit branches. This measure reduces the risk of electrical malfunctions.

Step by Step Guide

It is always ideal to have the circuit running smoothly and uninterrupted. To help you fix your circuit breaker, follow these steps:

1. Find the service panel and disable the AC thermostat

The location of the AC breaker box varies from establishment to establishment. The main service panel is typically on the opposite side of the property's electrical meter.

If you live in an apartment,  you may need to consult with your landlord for details on where this might be.

If you are having problems with your AC or heating, then you may need to turn off both the thermostat and air conditioner before switching on the AC breaker switch. If the breaker is reset, the air conditioning will begin to run immediately, interfering with the reboot of the AC.

2. Find and reset the circuit breaker

If your AC does not turn on after flipping the HVAC circuit breaker, you may need to replace the appliance. Wait for 30 minutes before turning on the air conditioner again.

Most Common Repairs

After you've gone through the basic troubleshooting steps, you might be able to diagnose the problem on your own. Otherwise, you may require some additional expertise to solve the problem. Here are some common issues that PTAC owners may encounter during the unit's lifetime.

How Do You Maintain A PTAC Unit - Back view of a PTAC unit on a cart outside, compressor, coil and copper pipes seen.

Control Board Failure

The control board is the PTAC machine's brain. If it fails to function, the entire unit fails. While there are a number of possible causes, control boards usually just fail with age.

In general, the electronic components of a PTAC tend to fail before the mechanical units, so this may be one of the first items to be replaced.

Control Board Failure - PTAC electronic control board with all factory cables still intact.

Motor Failure and Heat Kit Not Working

Your unit may occasionally produce heat but not airflow. In this case, the problem is usually with the blower motor, condenser motor, or evaporator motor.

Condensation in some models can lead to excess moisture in the bottom of the unit, corroding the heat kit until it no longer works. When this occurs, units with built-in heat pumps will receive heat from the main source but not the supplemental heat from the heat kit. This significantly reduces the heat function of the unit.

How Do You Maintain A PTAC Unit?

Because of their long lifespan, PTACs are an excellent choice for climate control. However, regular maintenance is the best option if you want to ensure your equipment is in good working order.

It is easy to keep PTAC units in good condition. All you need to do is follow these routines:

  1. Cleaning the filters and coils
  2. Keeping a maintenance log
  3. Cleaning the exterior of your PTAC unit
  4. Taking care of the plugs and power cords
  5. Removing any obstructions from your unit
  6. Checking to see if all of the features are operational
  7. Oiling your PTAC unit and lubricating the fan motor and compressor

How Do You Maintain A PTAC Unit - PTAC unit outdoors on a cart.

How Does A PTAC Function?

PTACs are capable of both heating and cooling. They use either traditional refrigerants or fresh air intake to cool the air. Some models also include a dehumidifier, which removes moisture from the outside air.

The most common and efficient method is recirculating inside air through a refrigerant. The outside air vent should be closed for maximum cooling. If you want to introduce fresh air into the room, leave the windows open.

Is The PTAC Unit Equipped With A Thermostat?

PTACs typically include their own thermostats. A remote thermostat, on the other hand, can provide a much more convenient method of temperature control.

A remote thermostat allows you (or your guests) to set the temperature elsewhere in the room, possibly higher than the PTAC unit itself.

How Long Can The PTAC Unit Be Used?

PTAC units can last up to a decade if properly maintained. Still, energy efficiency and innovative technology advancements may tempt consumers to replace them every 5–7 years. The advantages of a fully operational PTAC system cannot be overemphasized.

What Is The Efficiency Of a PTAC?

In cooling mode, the most efficient PTACs have an EER of around 12, while mini-split units have an EER of more than 15. In this case, the mini-split can save you more than 30% of electricity.

How Much Power Does A PTAC Consume?

If you have a PTAC in your home, it will always be 208/230 volts. The most common choice for PTAC units is 20 amps, which provides the power required to produce about 11,500 BTUs of heat.

PTACs only control the rooms that need to be heated or cooled, rather than the entire building's climate like a traditional HVAC system.

To Wrap Up

When something trips the circuit breaker and prevents your Friedrich PTAC unit from turning on, simply locate the circuit breaker panel and reset it. Preventive maintenance is critical for ensuring a long service life and efficient operation regardless of how long your unit lasts. Cutting corners may result in mechanical issues, which can be costly in the long run.

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