How To Light Pilot On Cozy Wall Heater

Typically, when we talk about light, we're talking about a light bulb within a contemporary device. With your cozy wall heater, this isn't the case, though. A pilot light is a flame always lit inside your wall heater and is powered by the gas line. The pilot light ignites the fuel gas when it enters your cozy wall heater, producing heat. But how do you start the wall heater's pilot light? To give you simple guidance, we conducted an in-depth study.

A relatively simple approach can be used to ignite the pilot lights on the wall heaters. Here's how to go about it.

1.) Determine where your wall heater knob is. 2.) Set the (pilot) knob you have found. 3.) Press the ignition button for 30 seconds. 4.) Select the settings and change the temperature to the desired level.

Cozy wall heaters are created to give people additional comfort. Everyone can rely on these heaters because they are made using the best materials. In essence, your pilot light is in charge of igniting your fuel source, which is how your furnace generates heat. To learn more about the procedure, read this article through to the end.

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How to Turn on the Pilot Light In A Cozy Wall Heater

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There is a simple instruction manual for lighting pilots. Here, we'll explain the fundamental ">procedures for igniting a comfortable wall heater's pilot light.

1. Determine Where Your Wall Heater Knob Is

Locate the knob after carefully inspecting your device. You can ignite the wall heater with the help of the knob. Every cozy wall heater needs to have a placard that explains how to light one on it. However, the printing may be too small sometimes, or the heating element may be black. In these circumstances, the label could be challenging to read. It will be considerably simpler if you keep the following instructions next to your furnace or in another secured location that is accessible.

2.) Set The (Pilot) Knob You Have Found

The switch typically has the words "Pilot," "On," and "Off" on it. Set it to "pilot" and carefully lower the knob to the ignition switch. If pressing the ignition button doesn't start your pilot light, you can try again. If the issue still exists, check your ignition button for any damage and determine the best course of action.

3.) Press the Ignition Button for 30 Seconds

Hold the ignite button to make sure the pilot light is fully lit. Hold the ignite button and depress for 10 to 15 seconds.

4.) Select the Settings And Change The Temperature To The Desired Level

Check your device's settings. Adjusting the temperature should be done with extreme caution. Set the temperature to your desired level by pressing the corresponding button. Once you've reached the desired heating, slowly adjust it.

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Relighting The Pilot Light On A Cozy Wall Heater

If you discover that your heating system has gone out, relighting the pilot light is a rather simple method for quickly turning it back on. Online is the greatest place to find the manufacturer's instructions. Some manufacturers print these directions on a label that is affixed to the exterior of the device.

If you cannot locate them, check the unit's handbook.  If you cannot locate the handbook, locate the brand and model number of your wall heater, then go to the manufacturer's website to obtain the manual.

Ensure your heater is very low or completely turned off before relighting the pilot light. The method used in most cozy wall heaters is standard. The real pilot light must first be found, which can be challenging if it isn't lighted. A tiny, bent, open steel tube that is pointed at some other steel tube is what you want to look for.


Once more, it's advisable to find all the components using a diagram supplied by the manufacturer. Perform the following actions once you understand what the pilot light is:

1.) Find a switch or knob with the following settings: On, Pilot, and Off.

2.) Set the knob to the Off position. Wait a while to make sure all of the gasses have gone.

3.) Turn the knob to (pilot) when you're ready to relight it.

4.) Hold the reset button while igniting the pilot light with a long match or lighter. The reset button may occasionally also be the knob you've been turning. Hold the reset button down after the flame ignites for a short while, usually 60 seconds.

5.) Release the button, then check the pilot light. If it keeps burning, congrats! Put it on the knob.

Understanding When The Pilot Light Is Out

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How can you tell if the malfunctioning of your cozy wall heater is just due to a dead pilot light? The only solution is to examine your wall heater. To inspect your pilot light, adhere to the guidelines listed below:

Important: If you detect a strong natural gas odor, turn around immediately. Leave your home and make an emergency call to your utility company to have your gas turned off. Then make a call to a qualified HVAC provider to look at it.

1.) Find the wall heater's front cover panel. It ought to be a tiny door that is visible. Launch it.

2.) It should be easy to notice if the pilot light is on because your attention will be directed to the little flame.

3.) If no flame is visible, the pilot light is out.

4.) If there is a flame, check its hue. Pilot lights should never be anything other than blue. Cleaning the burner assembly could be required if it has an odd hue since it might be rusty or dirty. Contact an established HVAC company for maintenance services.

Why Is Cozy Wall Heater Not Lighting

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The following situations may blame your wall heater for failing to ignite. Here are a few typical defenses.

Fuel Line Problems

Your cozy wall heater may be experiencing problems because of a broken fuel line. Gas leaks, clogged gas lines, and damaged gas valves are natural gas problems. Simply switch on the gas line again if it is off. If, after trying this, the device still won't ignite, speak with an HVAC expert so they can look for any more potential issues. If you smell gas, you should leave your house immediately and call the gas company.

Faulty Thermostat

The thermostat must be in heat mode for your wall heater to ignite. Your wall heater won't light the burners if it isn't. A potential issue is that the connections or sensors on the thermostat are broken. Ensure the thermostat is first set to the heating setting. Get expert assistance if the problem continues.

Unclean Wall Heater Filter

Wall heater filters gather dust and other debris when they aren't changed frequently. Filters that are dirty obstruct the adequate airflow needed to light the burners. Replace the cozy wall heater filter every few months, on average.

Igniter or Pilot Light Not Working

Standing pilot lights on wall heaters that ignite burners occasionally lose their illumination or fade altogether. An unkempt or scorched igniter can hinder the ignition of the burners that use an electrical ignition system. Seek professional help to resolve this problem.

Defective Flame Sensor

A damaged flame sensor could cause your furnace's failure to ignite. To prevent gas accumulation, the sensor is in charge of shutting off the gas burners. Once this component begins to fail, it can prevent the burners from lighting at all. You have two alternatives to resolve this issue, either change the flame sensor yourself or have an HVAC professional do it.

Unclean Gas Burners

Unclean burners won't be able to draw in the oxygen needed to ignite them. To replace, return, and clean the burners, get in touch with a pro.

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How To Turn Off The Pilot Light

You can extinguish the pilot light anytime you're convinced the environment is serene and comforting. Even though the process is straightforward, there are safety steps you must follow to minimize dangers and fuel waste.

You can extinguish the pilot light by turning the knob to the "off" position. To ensure safety, turn off the gas supply to the furnace. But be careful not to turn off the gas to the rest of the house. You'll still need it in the summer to do chores like cooking, heating the water, and housekeeping.

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Final Thoughts

Although you won't need to light the furnace pilot light too often, you should be able to do it if you need to. Your home will quickly become warm and comfortable if you follow the instructions for lighting a furnace. Some of the typical problems were discussed.

Whatever gadget you use, it will inevitably have issues. However, you won't have a hard time if you know how to deal with the problems appropriately. Knowing how to maintain and repair a cozy wall heater will give you full advantage of its warmth.

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