My LUX Pro Thermostat Says Wait – Why? What To Do?

Have you ever come across the 'Wait' message on your LUX Pro thermostat and wondered why it keeps showing up? Many homeowners experience this issue, not just with LUX but with other types of thermostats.

In this article, we'll explain what the 'Wait' message on your LUX Pro thermostat means and provide you with some tips on what you should do when it appears. So, read on to learn more and take control of your thermostat!

Why Does 'Wait' Appear On My LUX Pro Thermostat?

The 'Wait' message typically appears when your thermostat is delaying the activation of your heating or cooling system.

According to item #07 the LUX Pro Thermostat manual, the thermostat has a built-in delay of 5 minutes before it turns the system back on after it was last run.

This delay is suitable for most applications and helps to protect the equipment by preventing rapid cycling.

Woman changing the thermostat temperature,

However, if desired, the delay time can be reduced to 2 minutes between state changes while still maintaining the same operation as described above.

This delay is essential for providing a buffer between equipment cycles, ensuring that your HVAC system doesn't suffer from rapid changes in temperature settings.

This function ensures your system runs efficiently while reducing the risk of damaging your heating or cooling components.

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is it a malfunction?

It's important to understand that this message is usually not an indication of a malfunction. Instead, it's simply a protective feature built into the thermostat.

In most cases, you just need to be patient while your thermostat completes the waiting period before initiating the next cycle.

However, if the message persists or you're concerned that something's not quite right, it's always a good idea to consult with a professional to inspect your thermostat to prevent any further issues.

Here's a short video explaining what it means:

So, now that you're aware of why the message occurs, you might be wondering what you can do about it.

What should i do when i see the 'Wait' On My Thermostat?

During the 'Wait' mode, your LUX Pro Thermostat essentially pauses operations to give your HVAC system time to rest.

Don't worry, this is normal, and it happens automatically based on the thermostat's internal programming.

When you see 'Wait' on your LUX Pro Thermostat, you really don't need to do anything except let it do its job.

There are a few common reasons why the 'Wait' message appears on your thermostat:

1. Recently powered on or reset

If you have just switched on your thermostat or performed a reset, it may display 'Wait' for a short period to prevent your HVAC system from running immediately.

2. Short cycling prevention

If the thermostat detects that the system is cycling too rapidly, it will enter 'Wait' mode to prevent potential damage.

3. Compressor protection

After the cooling system has finished a cycle, the thermostat may show 'Wait' before starting another cycle. This allows the refrigerant pressure within the compressor to equalize and prevents damage to the system.

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Should I Reset My Lux Pro Thermostat When I see The 'wait'?

Ideally, there is no need to reset or restart the thermostat when you see the 'wait' because that means the entire waiting cycle will just start again.

Woman adjusting the temperature of the thermostat

The best thing to do is leave it alone, and it should resolve itself in around 2 to 10 minutes. However, if you feel that something doesn't seem to be working right, or the 'wait' sign has been there a while, you may want to reset your unit.

If you decide to reset, here's how to do it:

Initial Inspection

Before you begin the process of resetting your thermostat, it's essential to examine them for any potential issues first.

Start by checking the display on your Lux Pro thermostat; ensure that the screen functions correctly and is legible.

Next, inspect the wiring behind the thermostat; verify that the connections are secure and no wires are frayed or disconnected.

Finally, make sure that the thermostat is correctly connected to your HVAC system and is sensing the current temperature of the room.

Resetting Procedure

Now that you have performed the initial inspection, follow these simple steps to reset your Lux Pro thermostat:

1. Power down the thermostat

Turn off the power supply to your thermostat, either by flipping the corresponding breaker or disconnecting the power cable.

2. Remove the thermostat's batteries

Carefully open the battery compartment on your thermostat and take out the batteries. Wait for at least 30 seconds to ensure the internal memory is cleared.

HVAC Technician Installing Batteries in Digital Heating and Cooling thermostat.

3. Reinstall the batteries

Place the batteries back into the battery compartment, ensuring they are correctly positioned and in the right polarity.

4. Power up the thermostat

Turn on the power supply of your thermostat and confirm that the display is working. Your Lux Pro thermostat should have reverted to its factory settings.

5. Reconfigure the thermostat

Following the manufacturer's instructions, program your thermostat to the desired settings, including temperature, heating/cooling mode, and schedule.

If you're still experiencing issues, consider contacting Lux Pro customer support or a professional HVAC technician for further assistance.

Programmable thermostat installed in the living room wall

When To Seek Professional Help

When you're experiencing technical faults that you can't identify or resolve on your own, it's a good idea to seek help from a professional.

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Persistent Errors

If your LUX Pro thermostat continues to display the 'wait' message, even after resetting it and following the manufacturer's recommendations, it's time to call a professional.

Sometimes, persistent errors like this could point to a deeper issue with your device or your HVAC system.

Technical Faults

This includes unresponsiveness, fluctuations in temperature, or constant error messages. Skilled technicians have the experience and tools to diagnose and fix these faults quickly and efficiently.

While it might be tempting to attempt a DIY fix, you could end up causing further damage to your HVAC system or jeopardize your safety.

How long should I wait for my thermostat to respond?

The typical waiting time can be around 5 minutes, but this duration may vary depending on your specific thermostat model.

Changing the living room thermostat temperature

During this waiting period, it's essential for you to be patient and allow the thermostat to complete its delay cycle. Trying to intervene or resetting the thermostat might cause harm to your HVAC system.

Once the delay is over, your thermostat should resume normal operation, and you should be able to adjust the temperature settings.

Can changing batteries cause the 'wait' message?

When you replace the batteries in your LUX Pro thermostat, it's possible that a 'wait' message can appear on the screen.

This is usually a temporary indication that the thermostat is recalibrating itself after having been without power.

While you're waiting for the 'wait' message to clear, it's a good idea to double-check that the new batteries have been inserted correctly.

Is the 'wait' message common among different thermostat brands?

Yes, the 'wait' message is a common feature among different thermostat brands. When you see this message on your LUX Pro or any other thermostat, it usually indicates that the thermostat is waiting for the system's internal safety timer to expire.

Adjusting the living room temperature using the thermostat

This safety feature ensures that the heating and cooling system does not short cycle, which can lead to damage or reduced efficiency.

You should not worry when you see the 'wait' message on your thermostat; it is merely a sign that the device is functioning correctly.

Be Patient and just 'wait'

It's quite common for your LUX Pro Thermostat to display a 'Wait' message. This is usually a temporary issue that indicates your thermostat is going through a delay period to protect your HVAC system.

So, when confronted with your LUX Pro Thermostat saying 'Wait,' take these steps calmly and remember that, in most cases, it's simply a matter of time before your thermostat resumes normal operation.

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