Payne AC Vs. Goodman – Which Should You Choose?

An air conditioner is essential, but finding the best option can be confusing. Both Payne and Goodman air conditioners have great reputations, so which one takes the crown? We researched this question and have the answers below!

Payne and Goodman are nearly equal in terms of quality. However, if you want a budget-type air conditioner, Payne has an AC unit that is less expensive.

Goodman is a good choice if durability is something you want to have. Additionally, compared to Payne, Goodman provides better warranty offers. 

By the end of this post, expect us to share all the relevant information you need. We will walk you through companies' histories, reviews, and best features. Let's dive right in!

young man using brush to cleaning the air conditioner indoors at hone, Payne AC Vs. Goodman - Which Should You Choose?

Payne And Goodman Reviews

Payne is a company that has been around for a while, even if you may not be familiar with them. In 1914, Payne's Heating & Cooling company was founded by D.W. Payne along with his son.

They started in a renovated barn outside of Los Angeles, and from there, they started making gravity-type furnaces. The company astounded the market with its first-floor furnace, ideal for home crawl space installation.

In the 1950s, the Payne company introduced their new addition signature line of remote air conditioning products.

On the other hand, Goodman has had excellent credit over their decades of service in the HVAC business. Harold V. Goodman began the process, founding the Goodman firm in 1954.

Initially, he started working as a contractor in Houston, Texas. After that, Goodman shot up to fame as a top HVAC contractor in the country.

Furthermore, in 1982 Goodman entered the HVAC market and started producing innovative central air conditioner units. However, in 2012 Goodman joined Daikin Industries, a globally iconic group making HVAC products.

Goodman Vs. Payne Air Conditioner Quality

A Japanese male electrician checking a home air conditione

One of the common considerations when buying an air conditioner is quality. Payne offers their products with a good Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) level, a testament to its century of service.

This rating aims to assess the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner. In Payne's product, you'll have a choice from a 13-17 SEER rating of air conditioners across various models.

As one of Payne's rivals, Goodman is also a leading brand in the HVAC business. It has a wide diversity of high SEER air conditioners ranging from 13-24 levels.

The company has standard, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly air conditioning units. An ISO certification has been awarded to them for imposing standard processes on their products.

Notable Features Between The Two

Another factor that might interest you is the air conditioners' particular features. This is crucial to know so that you're familiar with what both brands of air conditioner can provide to you.

Just take a look at Payne's model PA17NA. This air conditioner has a 17 SEER rating, the most powerful and largest model available.

It has a two-stage compressor that easily controls the humidity during summer. In addition, this model also runs extra-efficient in terms of energy cost.

Such a compressor can operate very quietly at around 73 decibels value.

In contrast, Goodman employs their AC product with several cutting-edge features. Their outdoor air conditioner units undergo a 500-hour salt-spray process.

The outdoor unit is coated with an electrostatic powder and dried up into heat. This coating acts as a UV protective shield against outdoor substances, thus making this unit extremely durable.

The nonstop comfort you experience in your home is served by your Goodman AC's filter driers features. This feature can absorb excessive moisture in its freon while also catching air contaminants circulating within the system.

Also, if you care about warranty, then Goodman is a worthwhile investment.

Payne Vs. Goodman AC BTU Capacity

Generally, most homeowners overlook how important it is to measure the air conditioner BTU capacity. This simple yet crucial measurement can result in costly power bills if you pick the wrong BTU size of AC.

Payne's HVAC system has a BTU capacity ranging from 25,000-140,000, while Goodman also offers their HVAC equipment between 40,000-120,000 BTU.

You should select a BTU capacity reasonably suitable to your house cooling requirements. Doing so will make your home a haven for comfort while preventing your bills from rising.

Life Expectancy Between The Two Air Conditioners

You can expect the Payne air conditioner to last more than ten years. Of course, this depends on how you care for the air conditioner unit.

In contrast, Goodman has a slight edge in terms of durability thanks to its power spray technology. Your Goodman AC unit will be able to last over 15 years.

Moreover, you could extend its life to 20-25 years by doing proper servicing and checkups regularly.

Average Installation Cost For Payne And Goodman AC's

Young man installing air conditioner in an apartment

A new air conditioning unit is worthwhile, especially if you live somewhere that gets quite hot. The model, type, and size in tons impact the typical installation cost.

There isn't much difference in cost between Payne and Goodman air conditioners on the market. Payne's most costly air conditioner is the PA17NA, about 2-5 tons in size.

This model will cost you $3,700 on average, including its installation. In comparison, Goodman installation costs for 1.5 and 5 tons range from $3,260 to $5,562.

NOTE: The average installation cost on both brands will also vary on your local market price.

How Do You Maintain Goodman/Payne Air Conditioners?

Payne air conditioners require regular maintenance like any other of their counterpart brands. They offer their clients a protection program to ensure the HVAC unit runs smoothly all year round.

The program includes inspection of the following:

  • Cleaning its condenser coil.
  • Review of blower and fans.
  • Checking the refrigerant to ensure that it is leak free.
  • Ductwork line assessment.
  • Cleaning the drain pan to remove algae buildup.

New air conditioner unit getting service

Besides changing the air conditioner air filter every month. Goodman advises its users to get their HVAC systems serviced at least once a year.

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The servicing will include checking the following AC components:

  • AC fan
  • Compressor
  • Refrigerant lines
  • Indoor and outdoor coils

Payne Vs. Goodman Warranty Coverage

All functional components of your Payne furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner come with a limited warranty. The majority of Payne products come with a great 10-year parts limited warranty.

Only the Payne heat exchangers and other vital parts have more extended limited warranty coverage.

While Goodman has a 60 days registration policy upon the HVAC unit's installation date, if you comply with it, your HVAC unit is covered to get the full extent of the warranty.

However, if you live in California and Quebec, you can still get the limited warranty without registering your HVAC unit.

Goodman offers their valued users the following warranty:

  • A 10-year all parts service warranty.
  • A limited ten-year warranty for a unit replacement.
  • You'll qualify for a lifetime warranty if you own your home.
  • A five-year warranty is all you'll get for models like GSH10, GSC10, GSC13, and GSH13.

What Is The Most Reliable Brand Of Air Conditioner?

Double air conditioners working on the wall

There are several brands from which you can select the ideal air conditioner for your needs. Those homeowners with a budget should purchase an air conditioner from one of the best AC brands.

While there are various crucial aspects to look for when choosing an AC unit for your home, ultimately, everything must fit into an efficient and effective air conditioning system.

Here are some of the latest outstanding, reliable brands:

  1. American Standard
  2. Heil
  3. Trane
  4. Bryant
  5. Amana
  6. Carrier
  7. York
  8. Lennox
  9. Rheem

To Conclude

young man using brush to cleaning the air conditioner indoors at hone

Investing in the right air conditioner is a thing that we cannot overemphasize. It has always been a great move to determine what air conditioner is ideal for your cooling demands.

Throughout this post, we've covered information on both Payne and Goodman air conditioners. We hope that sharing this information will help make your purchase much easier.

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