Should A Fireplace Be The Same Color As The Wall?

Having a million paint colors to choose from is not an easy task––especially if your decision will be plastered on your house's walls and fireplace, affecting the mood of a home and the people living in it. Don’t worry, we researched for you! Through professional home painters and color experts, we’ll help guide you to best coordinate the fireplace and wall colors in your home.

The color of the fireplace will depend on how much you want to emphasize it in the room. If you want to highlight brick, for example, you can use a different color from the walls. Try contrasting lighter walls with a darker fireplace, or vice versa. However, if you want to remove and divert the attention towards another element in the room, you should paint it the same color as the wall that surrounds it for it to blend in nicely.

We know, it’s still a little confusing. That is why we’ll delve deeper into these together and see the bigger picture to distinguish what will be most pleasing to your tastes. Sit back and learn how you can be more confident in what tint you’ll commit to.

Gorgeous fireplace with white wall in it, Should A Fireplace Be The Same Color As The Wall?

Choosing Fireplace Color Based on Wall Color

Usually, people opt for their favorites. Why not? It can represent and introduce the owner’s character. However, there are never-ending trends in interior design and a kaleidoscope of preferences each person has under one roof! So you might as well include these pointers before you finalize your paint colors.

Light Living Room interior with fireplace

Where’s the focal point of your room?

Keep in mind that the spotlight is where your guests will first look the moment they step in. Decide on what you want to be the center stage of your abode. 

Most of the time, people prefer to make their furniture, curtains, decorations, or art pieces the center of attention. It is very seldom that fireplaces were given this role because of their architectural structure–– in a way that they can either be a beast or a beauty. 

Accentuate the Fireplace

Aside from the additional designs that you can put around it, brushing your fireplace with a color that accentuates it will do the trick. Going for a shade that has a contrasting scheme from your wall can make a dramatic effect and help it stand out. 

You can also have a theme of your own. Come up with an idea of what vibe you want your place to have. If you want to have a permanent summer in your space, you can combine the colors green, blue, and yellow to achieve that sunny season all year long. 

Tone Down the Fireplace

Painting your fireplace the same color as your walls can not only conceal its presence. It can also make the space look bigger. Depending on the intensity, light colors can mirror natural light which makes it look like it’s larger from a human's perspective.  On the other hand, dusky ones can create a compressing and smaller effect. 

 Tip: Neutral shades offer a calming atmosphere because of their gentleness in the eyes.

Fireplace Color Considerations

Bright living roominterior-with gorrgeousfireplace in it

We’re not done yet but we’re almost there! Check out the other amazing factors you can take note of before you jump into your final decision.

Color Psychology

To help your child with studying, you can use yellow–– the left side of our brain which controls learning and information processing reacts the most to this. Thinking about color psychology can stimulate, or relax the room to your preference for the right mood.

Natural Lighting

Select a color that radiates the same energy as the sunlight that you have wherever you are, and take note of how natural light throughout the seasons affects the interior space.

Personal Preferences

Every year, another set of interior trends is published by experts. However, you don’t always have to follow them. Remember that your home is where you should feel the most comfortable. Being surrounded by the shade that makes you happy and comfortable is what matters the most.

Shades that radiate a good aura are best to be seen in areas where people are usually gathering. It can help everyone feel more lively and create a friendlier atmosphere.

What color should the inside of a fireplace be?

Fireplace burning wood in it

This can depend on the color that you chose for your mantle or which matches the decorations. You can paint the firebox in a shade that complements or contrasts the outer area. It can be a shade lighter or darker. If you are brave enough, you can play with unusual and unexpected combinations to spice things up. 

 You can do anything which personally looks good to you.

Can you paint a fireplace and still use it?

Definitely, yes! You must not skip the cleaning steps before doing so. Make sure it is thoroughly cleaned and is best done before the winter season. By that, you can have more natural heat to let it dry better. 

Also, it is important to be cautious about what kind of paint you’ll use. For a safe and long-lasting finish, use those which are heat resistant. Burning traditional latex paint can bring a negative effect on your health due to the toxic chemicals that are being formed upon its contact with very high temperatures.

Make sure the coloring is not wet before you start lighting the wood in your firebox. It should have sufficient drying and curing time based on the manufacturer's recommendations.

Should a painted fireplace match the trim?

Not necessarily. It depends on the style that you want to achieve. You can take a step back and grasp the overall look, envision what you want to see until the next time you’ll redecorate the area.

But commonly, homeowners typically match the color of the mantel to the trim to have a harmonious touch. Some prefer to follow a palette of a certain hue to avoid being redundant and serve as a detail that makes the area more pleasing to the eyes. 

Have fun painting your fireplace!

Gorgeous fireplace with white wall in it

Whether you chose to paint your fireplace the same color as your wall or not, what’s important is you’re happy with the finished product. After all, you still have all the seasons from today onward to change it if ever you get a change of heart. All that matters is that it’ll keep the fire burning whenever you need it. Good luck! 

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