Should The Fireplace Be Longer Than TV?

If we think about home, warmth and safety go hand in hand. Whether it is in preparation for a new house or reconstruction of an old fireplace, deciding on a fireplace design can pose several questions. We have done some thorough research on the topic and have some tips to share in this post on fireplace sizing and whether it should be longer than a TV.

A fireplace should be 6 to 8 inches longer than the television. However, if your television is longer, there are a few design tricks, such as expanding the fireplace trim for an illusion of length or painting the TV wall black to integrate the TV with the wall so it is less obvious.

So, how big should the fireplace and TV be for cohesion in the room? And what's the recommended distance kept between them? Let's delve deeper into the topic, including where to mount your TV to ensure you can maintain a functional fireplace.

Furnished living Room in Luxury Home with Roaring Fire in Fireplace, Should The Fireplace Be Longer Than TV?

How many inches should a TV be from a fireplace?

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For a cinematic viewing experience, most homeowners prefer to mount their TVs above a fireplace. Consider the wall temperature before you mount your TV, as rising heat from a hot fire could damage your TV. 

The optimum height will depend on your fireplace mantel.

  • If your mantel is less than four feet above the ground or if your fireplace does not have a mantel, mount the TV screen 12 inches above.
  • If the fireplace mantel is more than four feet above the ground, adjust your screen to no more than six inches above the fireplace. 

Read more about mantel design: "Should A Fireplace Mantel Be Wider Than The Fireplace?"

Installing a TV is performed introspectively; to consider the ventilation, electrical wiring, and mounting. Generally speaking, mount the TV between 60-68 inches above the floor and at least a 20-inch distance above the fireplace. However, if the TV mounted is greater than 65 inches, the tilt mount installed ensures comfortable viewing.

The ideal height of your TV mounted on the wall is at eye level. 

How much space do you need between TV and electric fireplace?

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Mounting a TV over a fireplace requires several factors, including the placement of an electrical socket and clearance between the TV and the vicinity of the fire to ensure that potentially combustible materials are out of reach. The top of the mantel and the bottom, flat surface of the TV should have at least a seven-inch distance to allow room for ventilation. 

The rule of thumb is to ensure that comfort and visual appearance enhance the safety of installing a fireplace. So make sure to read the CDC guidelines for the Healthy Housing Reference Manual under Chapter 12: Heating, Air-Conditioning, and Ventilating.

Have a look at "How Much Space Do You Need Between Electric Fireplace And TV?" for all the details on appropriately mounting your television above an electric fireplace. 

How are fireplaces measured?

Establishing the parts to measure the fireplace is essential. You might be thinking that the only things you have to measure are the outer height and width of the fireplace. Wrong! It is vital to learn the measurements of your fireplace cavity at different points.

A good fireplace is visually as tall as it is wide. You will likely need to record the height and width of the fireplace, the opening and the back wall of the fireplace cavity, and the depth. Depending on the homeowner's focal point, fireplaces that are bigger in dimension accentuate a smaller TV or the other way around. 

Some homeowners design their fireplaces with arched openings. In which case, remember to measure the height of the arched aperture. 


How big should your fireplace be?

Small 24’’ x 24’’ 10,000 – 18, 000 BTU
Medium 36’’ x 30’’ 25, 000 – 30, 000 BTU
Large 118’’ x 32 ‘’ 35, 000 – 40, 000 BTU


Ideally, most fireplace installers recommend the 36'' x 30'' dimension for the fireplace. Choosing the correct size for your fireplace comes from the owner's preferences of boost in pleasantness, excellent heating capacity, and lower costs.  

It is important to remember that fireplaces have no concrete size or dimension. The size of a fireplace varies with the size of the room, the heat output, and the owner's personal choice. The larger the size, the greater the heat output of a fireplace. The wall-size, trim, paint, and mantel integrate the fireplace's safety, protection, visual appearance, and the TV.

The most critical factors in installing a fireplace are arguably the size of the room and the length of the wall. Technically, a smaller room requires a smaller fireplace. It is the same thing for the wall length. The longer the wall, the bigger a fireplace can accommodate. 

How high should a fireplace be off the floor?

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Establishing certain parts of the fireplace is essential to achieving the desired style and comfort. The goal is to create a visual effect that is comfortable and safe at eye level. The recommended distance from the fireplace should be 40–42 inches off the floor.

A wrong fireplace height could pose issues for the room it accommodates. You might not be able to enjoy its warmth if it's too small for a large room, and the heat won't spread deliberately.

Mounted TVs have to be tested for their viewing distance from your seating area and are within the eye line's view from you. It helps you from straining your neck and avoid uneasiness when watching. Most importantly, the larger the TV, the farther your viewing area should be.

Final Thoughts

Outdoor sitting area with fireplace in a tropical setting at an estate home.

Generally, your focal point is the basis of how big your fireplace should be. However, it varies depending on the wall, room, and function as you see fit. Remember to paint your walls a dark color to compliment your fireplace.

When choosing the fireplace size, keep in mind the heat output you'd like for the room.

Lastly, your TV should be smaller than your fireplace, at least 42–48 inches off the ground, and at a proper viewing distance. Testing it out first before installing a new or remodeled fireplace


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