What Does E8 Mean On A GE Air Conditioner?

Are you having a problem with your GE air conditioner, and you’re wondering about the E8 error that you’re getting? You’ve come to the right place, for we have researched this question, and we have the answer for you.

The E8 error on your GE air conditioner means that it has suffered an overload issue.

Learn more about the overload malfunction in your GE air conditioner in the succeeding sections. We also included other common errors and what you need to do to correct those errors. Read on to learn all about it!

A mini split AC unit mounted a white wall, What Does E8 Mean On A GE Air Conditioner?

What is an overload malfunction in a GE air conditioner?

No matter how powerful an air conditioner may be, there will be situations where its capacity will be exceeded. This error code is your air conditioner’s way of telling you that its capacity has been reached and exceeded. And that continuously operating it under those conditions can damage it.

A white mini split ac unit mounted on a white wall

The E8 error code means that your air conditioner is operating under extremely high heat and humidity and that it is having an impact on its performance.

Here are some of the things that you can do to fix this error:

Verifying The E8 Error Code

Verifying the E8 error code is as simple as resetting your GE air conditioner. Resetting ensures that the error code is not caused by something else.

If you get the same error after the reset, then there is really something wrong with your air conditioner.

Follow the steps below to reset your GE air conditioner:

  1. Turn off your GE air conditioner.
  2. Unplug the power cord from the socket.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes.
  4. Plug the air conditioner back into the socket.
  5. Turn your air conditioner back on.

Making Sure There Is Sufficient Air Flow

Air conditioners cool your home by taking in warm air, cooling it, sending out cool air into your home, and pushing warm air outside your house.

Your AC needs to have unrestricted airflow so that it can perform its function well. Even more so when the outside temperature is high—like 90 to 100 degrees.

Here are the things you should check to ensure that your GE air conditioner has the airflow that it needs.

Check Filters

Your air conditioner has air filters that you can access from the indoor side. The air filter is responsible for getting rid of air contaminants like pollen, dust, and debris from the air before it enters the air conditioner.

Because it gets rid of contaminants from the air, it can get clogged by the same contaminants that it removed from the air. The more contaminants it filters out, the more clogged it becomes and the smaller the amount of air that can get through.

Thus, your air conditioner naturally gets less airflow through the filter the more you use it. If you do not clean or replace the filter regularly, then the airflow can get too limited that it negatively impacts the performance of your air conditioner, causing it to overwork and overload.

Here are simple steps to clean your filter:

  1. Access the air filter by removing the front panel of your GE air conditioner.
  2. Open the front panel by pressing the latches on the sides. The front panel will open from the top.
  3. Pull out the plastic filter from the top opening.
  4. Wash the filter with water, an old toothbrush, and some mild detergent.
  5. Rinse with clean water and let it dry naturally.
  6. Slip it back into your air conditioner and close the front panel.

Check The Fins

Air conditioning unit for checking of the technician

The fins of your GE air conditioner can easily get dirty because dust and dirt in the air can easily reach them even with the filter on.

You only have a filter in front of your air conditioner, and when that gets clogged, it will force air to find other pathways to get into your air conditioner when it sucks in warm air from your house.

And since the space between the fins is really small, even the slightest accumulation of dust and dirt can cause a reduction in airflow through the fins.

You need to disassemble your air conditioner so that you can thoroughly clean the fins. And you have fins in the front and back of your air conditioner.

Woman removing the air filter of the mini split unit

If you’re not comfortable disassembling your air conditioner and putting it back, it is best to get a professional to clean your air conditioner for you.

The best time to get your air conditioner cleaned is before the months when you need to use it regularly. This will ensure that you will no longer have problems with your GE air conditioner once you start using it.

What is an E1 error code?

This error code points to a problem with the control board.

The control board on your air conditioner is where most of the electrical components are connected. Because of this, the control board is also where the automated functions of your air conditioner are processed, and corresponding commands are issued.

Needless to say that if the control board is damaged, your air conditioner can lose most of its important functions.

Reset your GE air conditioner by following the simple steps that we provided earlier in this article.

Check the control board for physical damage if you get the E1 error code once more after turning on your air conditioner. Look for burn marks or damaged wires on the control board.

Any sign of damage on your control board means that it will have to be replaced.

Have a professional check your control board and replace it for you if necessary.

What is the E4 error code on my GE air conditioner?

Technician changing the air filter of the air conditioning unit

This error code means that the water pan is full. When you get this error code, this means that it is time for you to empty the water collection pan to prevent the condensation water from spilling into your house.

Remove the water pan and empty it. Rinse it briefly and return it to your air conditioner.

If the water pan wasn’t full, then there could be a problem with the float switch.

The float switch is also known as the condensate overflow switch. It detects the water level in the water pan and notifies the control board that the water pan is full. The control board, in turn, notifies you through the E4 error code.

If this switch gets damaged or stuck in the activated position, then it will send out the wrong notification that the water pan is full. When this happens, the float switch will need a replacement.

Have an HVAC professional check the float switch and replace it as needed.

Why is my GE air conditioner blinking?

A Huge General Electric logo in their factory

A blinking “Cool LED” on your GE air conditioner could mean one of two things—there is frost build-up on the evaporator coils, or the evaporator coils are too cold.

When you get this error code, this means that the temperature on your evaporator has become too low to properly function. This also means that the compressor needs the evaporator temperature to rise before it can function properly.

This situation normally happens when the outdoor temperature is too low—around 70 degrees or lower—for your air conditioner to function normally.

If you get this error code while outdoor temperatures are high, then you need to call a professional to check your air conditioner for issues that might be causing this problem and fix it for you.

Why is there a red blinking LED on my GE air conditioner?

The red blinking LED on your GE air conditioner is an indicator that the usage timer has reached 250 hours. What this means is that it is time to clean your filter.

You can remove and clean the filter following the simple steps in an earlier section of this article. There are models where you can simply slide the filter out from the side without opening the front panel.

Once you reinstall a clean filter, press the “Reset Filter” button to reset the timer and to stop the red LED from blinking.

Keep in mind that it is not a good idea to simply press the “Reset Filter” without cleaning your filter. Remember from an earlier section that a dirty filter will cause your air conditioner to have limited airflow, and this can affect the performance and even damage your GE air conditioner.

In Closing

A mini split AC unit mounted a white wall

The E8 error code is a way for your GE air conditioner to tell you that it is working above normal levels. This means that your air conditioner can suffer some damage if it continues to function at this level and you need to do something about it.

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  1. Why would anyone want a window air conditioner that only works when outside temp is below 84 degrees? I bought this unit at the end of 2020 for my office. The room is 9×12 the door is kept closed. I only used the office a few days in 2021.This year I need to use this room now. The filter is clean, the unit is not blocked. If temp hits 85 here we go…E8 reset turn unit off unplug etc. except now I check temp outside is 85 or above I don’t turn back on. I worked for GE for 30 years and know it says GE but GE doesn’t make air conditioners any more. By the way I have a 10 year old unit in my bedroom which is also 9×12. Both have GE logo and are 6000BTU. I am a 74 year old widow and I’m climbing on ladders outside. The unit in my bedroom works GREAT!

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