Who Makes Goodman Heat Pumps [& Where Is It Manufactured]?

If you are considering getting a Goodman heat pump for your home, you may want to know who makes it and where it is manufactured. We have done some research for you, and here is what we found.

Goodman Manufacturing Company makes Goodman heat pumps. The company has been a subsidiary of Daikin Industries Ltd. since 2012. Daikin has a state-of-the-art technology unit near Houston, Texas, where they manufacture their products.

Goodman aims at manufacturing products that are long-lasting and can serve their purposes. Keep reading to get detailed information about Goodman heat pumps.

Who Makes Goodman Heat Pumps?

Goodman Manufacturing Company, an independent subsidiary of Daikin group, is the sole manufacturer of Goodman heat pumps. The company was established in 1975 and has consistently manufactured heat pumps, air conditioners, and furnaces at affordable prices. 

Goodman offers energy-efficient models. However, the heat pumps are louder than other brands, with a sound level of 72 - 76 decibels.

But because the company offers a good warranty policy, you can consider investing in the heat pump if you are not overly sensitive to noise.

Goodman gives a 2-year limited replacement warranty and a 10-year limited warranty on parts for registered units. But you only get a 5-year limited warranty on parts if you fail to register your heat pump.

The heat pump has features such as single and double compressors meant to provide greater performance. Furthermore, it can achieve up to 24.5 SEER ratings. 

Aside from the good warranty policy, Goodman heat pumps are budget-friendly. The company also ensures that every heating and cooling unit is tested three times before leaving the assembly line. 

Also, installing a Goodman unit is cheaper than other competing products of other brands. For example, installing a Goodman unit can cost anywhere from $3,350 to $5,200, while installing a Carrier unit cost around $7,900.

Where Is Goodman Heat Pump Manufactured? 

Two air source heat pumps installed on the exterior of a modern house

In 2012, Goodman was acquired by the Daikin Group and has since focused on durability by using Copeland parts for manufacturing its heat pumps.

This manufacturing takes place in the largest HVAC technology park in the United States. The 4.2M square ft building is situated in Houston, Texas.  

What Is The Lifespan Of A Goodman Heat Pump?

The side of a house where there is a cement slab, a shelf filled with fire wood, and an air conditioning unit, Who Makes Goodman Heat Pumps [& Where Is It Manufactured]?

Goodman heat pumps can last for up to 15 years. However, this can vary based on how often you use it for heating and cooling and where you live. You may need to replace your heat pump if it starts having too many issues.

Aside from usage and location, another factor that can affect the lifespan of your Goodman heat pump is humidity. Knowing how to maintain your heat pump is essential to prolonging its lifespan.

The following are things you can do for your Goodman heat pump to last longer:

Clean Your Heat Pump

It is essential to clean your heat pump regularly, especially if you keep it outside. Spider webs, debris, and leaves tend to build up around the system, so make sure to remove them.

If you let the dirt accumulate, it can block airflow into your heat pump, damaging the fan.

Replace The Air Filter

Clean or replace your air filter often. Replace a disposable filter every 30 to 90 days. If your filter is washable, you can use warm soapy water to wash it.

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Clear The Condensate Line

Even though cleaning the condensate line is not very easy, you can do it without the help of a contractor. Use an air compressor or vac to remove dirt from the condensate lines. Don't hesitate to call a contractor for help if needed.

How Much Does Goodman Heat Pump Cost? 

Goodman HVAC unit on the outside of a vacation house

Aside from durability, Goodman is known for its affordable prices - they offer some of the most affordable systems in the industry. Goodman heat pumps cost around $1,800 to over $6,000, excluding installation.

Goodman does not give customers the real prices of their heat pumps. The company only gives them in ranges because factors such as installation fees, local taxes, and other adjustments to meet the heating and cooling determine the pricing.

Goodman finds it best to refer its customer to a local Goodman dealer. The local dealer can help determine the total project cost. 

Does Goodman Offer A Labor Warranty?

Heat pump HVAC unit on the side of a single family home

Goodman offers a labor warranty if the brand part and other approved parts fail to operate as expected due to a fault from the manufacturer. In this case, the company will provide labor to fix or replace the unit if necessary. However, this warranty can not be transferred from one customer to another. 

Some homeowners choose Goodman because of the warranty. The company was the first to offer 10 years limited warranty on parts among other manufacturers of HVAC. 

What Does Goodman Model Numbers Mean? 

All HVAC manufacturers code their systems into different models. As for Goodman, the model number is a 12-digit code used to know the number of tons the Goodman system has.

The model number contains a 3 digits number for cooling capacity, beginning with zero (0). An example of a Goodman model number is DSXC180481AA.

Here, D represents the brand, Goodman, S is the product category, X represents the unit type, C represents the Feature, 18 is for efficiency rating -18 SEER, and 048 represents the normal capacity. 1AA is for electrical, major, and minor changes, respectively.

You can find your Goodman heat pump, AC, or furnace model number on the data tag located on your system's rating plate. Note that the Goodman model number is different from the Goodman serial number. The serial number is a 10-digit code that contains the manufacturing date and model. 

With the serial number, you can also get to know the age of your heat pump or air conditioner. Do this by checking the first two digits on the unit's rating plate as they stand for the year of manufacture. 

How Do You Tell The Tonnage Of A Goodman Appliance?

If you plan to buy or replace a unit, you might want to know its tonnage. This can be determined by dividing British Thermal Unit (BTU) by 12,000

But if you cannot get information about the BTU, you can use the model number. On the rating plate, you will see zero (0) and two other even numbers starting from 18 to 60. Divide that same number by 12 to get the tonnage. 

When you have gotten that, you can start planning on how to get a new system. You can use this information to know how long the unit will take to cool your home in an hour. 

What To Consider When Selecting A Heat Pump

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There are some things you need to examine when choosing a heat pump. Here are some of them:


The first thing to consider is quality because it sets the standard for all other factors. You don't want to buy a unit that won't last long.


Choose a heat pump based on its working ability. Many options available in the market can meet your heating or cooling needs.

Customer Review 

Check product reviews before buying a unit to understand what previous buyers have experienced with the same unit you are planning to buy.

Some customers may be happy with the purchase, while others may be discontent. These reviews can help you make better decisions.

 You can also check the support option that the product offers - you will need a product that offers good support without spending extra. 

To Wrap Up

The side of a house where there is a cement slab, a shelf filled with fire wood, and an air conditioning unit

Goodman Manufacturing Company manufactures Goodman heat pumps in Texas. The company offers that are affordable and of good quality. In addition, Goodman offers a long-term warranty.

For your heat pump to last long, you must maintain it regularly.

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