Bryant AC Thermal Lockout – How To Fix?

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Your Bryant air conditioner is one among many jewels in the HVAC business. Most of their latest models have sensors that can detect various errors happening in their system. This includes thermal lockout and more.

Now you might wonder how to fix this problem or perhaps what causes this to show. Wonder no more! We have done extensive research into this topic and have the answers below!

In general, a faulty capacitor in the compressor or furnace is to blame for this issue. You might need to inspect the capacitor to verify whether it needs a replacement to fix this issue.

Any underlying issues or errors within your Bryant air conditioner serve as preventative caution. It requires immediate actions for it to maintain optimal operation. Further down, we will share more information about this topic, so keep reading!

Double AC units outside white brick home with green landscape and gravel - Bryant AC Thermal Lockout - How To Fix

What Does A Bryant Thermal Lockout Mean?

Eventually, you will encounter a thermal lockout during your Bryant air conditioner service. There are two kinds of a thermal lockout in your Bryant air conditioner system.

This involves a vise versa of low/high or high/low stages thermal lockout. It simply sets your AC system into 4 hours of hibernation. This happens if the system detects a lack of power in three consecutive cycles when it is working.

During this process, you cannot use your Bryant air conditioner unless it has sufficient power again to operate. Moreover, thermal lockout comes in an error code of 81 or 82 in your thermostat or furnace.

What Causes A Bryant AC To Have A Thermal Lockout?

Double AC units outside white brick home with green landscape and gravel

Your Bryant air conditioner system needs 24v of power to maintain its operation effectively. Since the capacitor regulates ideal electricity in your air conditioning system, it needs to be in good condition.

Otherwise, it will stay in thermal lockout mode unless the system is not getting enough 24v power. Running your cooling system with a faulty capacitor triggers its sensor to lock out the system.

So replacing your defective capacitor is the solution to this problem for good.

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How To Replace An Air Conditioner Capacitor?

Air conditioner capacitor, Checking air compressor capacitor, Home appliances repair service.

The capacitor of an air conditioner is easy to replace. Though, sometimes AC users aren't proactive enough to act accordingly when they face trouble with their air conditioner unit.

Nonetheless, the replacement must be done immediately to prevent damaging your AC system's other components.

To start, follow these steps below:

  1. Ensure to shut OFF entirely the AC unit's power source.
  2. Take out the outdoor unit door to properly access the capacitor.
  3. Before detaching the faulty capacitor, make a sign first on all the wires.
  4. Carefully discharge the bad capacitor.
  5. Get the same model of capacitor in your nearest hardware supply.
  6. Now reinstall the new capacitor.
  7. According to your markings, ensure to connect all wires properly.
  8. Finally, you can now turn ON again the system's power source.

WARNING: This procedure requires a broad set of electrical knowledge and skills for your protection. We highly recommend you hire an electrician to ensure job quality and safety protocols.

How To Troubleshoot Your Bryant Air Conditioner Unit

When issues strike in your Bryant air conditioner, trying to fix it before calling an expert is a practical idea. Troubleshooting your AC system might sound challenging, but it is pretty simple.

Here are some basic troubleshooting guidelines you can use for your malfunctioning Bryant AC unit:

  1. You must keep an eye on your thermostat and ensure it is in COOL mode.
  2. Inspect the condenser unit's circuit breaker or disconnect the switch if it's in the ON position.
    • You'll see the disconnect switch in a grey box on a nearby wall of your outdoor unit.
  3. Mind that when you set the thermostat in COOL mode, the furnace blower motor should run optimally.
    • Otherwise, you'll have to check if it's set to the ON position.
  4. You must follow the advisable replacement duration of your Bryant AC filter regularly every 3-6 months.
    • Failure to do so will result in your outdoor unit having poor airflow and, later, stopping its operation.
  5. Strategize where to install your return grills to avoid blocking their openings by one of your furniture.

Close up dirty car air conditioner filter

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We suggest calling your AC technician to diagnose your air conditioner if these guidelines don't work.

Does A Bryant Air Conditioner Have A Reset Button?

Bryant makes its air conditioner products durable, reliable, and elegant. However, like any other brand in the industry, Bryant offers its air conditioners without a reset button.

If a problem occurs, you may need to reset it manually via your electric panel or breaker box. Knowing these details isn't disappointing because resetting your breakers is simple and won't need fancy tools.

How Do You Reset Your Bryant Air Conditioner Split System?

You might think resetting your Bryant air conditioner is difficult since it doesn't have a reset button. But you shouldn't; you can still reset it through your circuit breaker.

The resetting process takes about 30 minutes. This ensures the system has enough time to reboot and fix underlying issues.

Here's how:

  1. Proceed to your air conditioner's breaker and shut it OFF entirely.
  2. Allow the system to rest or reboot for about 30 minutes.
  3. Once the air conditioner is completely rebooted, then turn the breaker ON again.

What Are Some Common Bryant Error Codes?

Identifying the other error codes of your Bryant air conditioner makes it easier for you to fix them correctly. Throughout the air conditioner's service, it is inevitable to encounter errors.

Follow this error code checklist to identify the problem in your AC system:

Error Code 16

This error code indicates that your system has a communication problem. This requires checking the UI wiring, including both indoor and outdoor units.

If you don't have enough electrical knowledge, hire an expert instead.

Error Code 45

Another error code is the 45, which causes by an outdoor unit control board being defective. Replacing the faulty control board is the only way to solve this issue.

Error Code 46

Generally, this type of error will show during a power outage or brownout. The compressor and fan need at least a 190v power supply.

Inspecting your line voltage for possible damage and replacing it if necessary will prevent this from happening.

Error Code 53

This code tells you that the system air thermal sensor is not working or is simply out of range. Examine it using a multimeter to see whether its wiring is also causing an issue and act accordingly to solve it.

Digital multimeter with probes and blue backlit display on a white background

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Error Code 71

When this error code flashes, the system is in the low-stage thermal cutout.

There's a chance your compressor is tripping or starting a relay, and the capacitor is going bad. Replace them to operate your compressor once again.

NOTE: Aside from the error codes we have shared with you. If you notice a solid ON, not a flash, in your panel screen, don't fret, as this indicates your system is in regular operation.

How Often Should You Service A Bryant AC System?

It's always been a great idea to avoid or prevent potential problems rather than wait for them to show. As you might not know, most air conditioners' early breakdown is due to neglecting regular service.

According to Bryant, it is necessary to set an inspection or cleaning maintenance twice annually. This will ensure that your AC unit lasts much longer than 15 years of its average lifespan.

To Finish

Even Bryant air conditioner units, a great company producing durable AC products, aren't failure-free. Just like a thermal lockout occurring in its system. Learning how to fix this issue helps prevent other parts from being damaged.

Upon reading our detailed explanation and straightforward troubleshooting steps, you can now maintain your Bryant AC better than before. We also shared with you some basic error codes that may cause you a headache in the future.

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