How To Clean York Air Conditioner

A York air conditioner can last very long if adequately managed. The secret to managing York ACs is periodic cleaning of both the internal and external parts. If you're pondering about the best way to clean your AC, we carried out thorough research, and here's what we found. 

To properly clean your York AC, you should dust the outer part of the air conditioner with a moist cloth. The inner part can be cleaned using a vacuum. The vacuum cleaner helps to clean all the dirt on the inner surface and filter. 

To learn more, stay put and keep reading as this post explains how the air conditioner can be cleaned from the exterior to the interior and filters and, most importantly, kept in good working order for an extended period. 

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York Air Conditioner Cleaning Steps

Cleaning your air conditioner is a practical method of improving your air conditioner's strength, quality, and durability. If you ignore your AC to the point where the AC filter becomes gross and your air conditioner starts to contaminate the surrounding air, then your AC will deteriorate very soon. 

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Before that happens, you need to learn how to clean your AC at least once in a while. You will need a bucket of water, cloth, toothbrush, mouth cover, and Philip screwdriver to do this.  Here are the procedures you should follow: 

  1. Get the front filter out. 
  2. Clean it with a soft cloth or even wash it with a soft bristle brush, detergent, and water.
  3. Use a screwdriver to remove the screw and extract the body cover.
  4. Also, stop the airflow obstructing you from reaching the fan.
  5. After this, use the vacuum to clean by using a brush extension. 
  6. After that, screw the exterior cover back on.

With this, you have a glimpse of the process involved in cleaning your air conditioner. If you want to specifically clean the internal parts of the York air conditioner and the external part, the procedures are explained below. 

How to Clean Internal York Air Conditioner Unit

Repairman fixing and cleaning air conditioner unit

Cleaning your York AC unit input is as important as cleaning the air conditioner's filters. The AC unit is the powerhouse of the air conditioner. It is the base of the mechanism of cold air coming from the air conditioner.  Below are the steps involved in cleaning the inner parts of your York air conditioner:

  1. Switch off the air conditioner and disconnect it from any source of electricity. 
  2. Make sure there is adequate lighting around to see every part of the air conditioner.
  3. Then, remove the foil tape near the AC unit. Use a Philip screwdriver to remove the screws around the AC unit. Just make sure you have opened up the AC unit.
  4. Then, use a soft brush to remove dirt from the coil, do this carefully. If you are too hard on the coil, it might be dismantled.
  5. You can also use a cleaning solution to get rid of dirt and dust from the coil.
  6. The next thing to clean after the coil is the drain pan.
  7. Bleach, detergent, and warm water can be mixed in adequate proportion. Then use the mixture to clean the drain pan.
  8. While cleaning the drain pan, make sure you are observing the density of the washing solution. This is to make sure that you are not leaving remains that might later build in the AC drain.
  9. Close back the AC unit and return all the components to the right place. Screw it tightly too.
  10. Don't forget the tape you removed earlier should be replaced with a new one.

With this, the internal part of the AC unit has been cleaned. However, it is essential to know that since you are doing it yourself, you might not be able to clean every component thoroughly. If you are unsure about the steps or there are still hidden parts you haven't cleaned enough, try to access professional help. 

How To Clean External York Air Conditioner Unit

You should also clean the outer part of the York air conditioner unit after cleaning the internal parts. It is prone to dirt and dust infestation too. It can be exposed to a lot more elements than the internal parts. 

This might be a bit more complicated than cleaning the internal part, but if you can follow the steps below, you can clean your unit properly.

  1. Disconnect the AC from any form of electricity.
  2. Remove the sheet after unscrewing it. 
  3. After that, lift the fan unit and grill, then rest them against the air conditioner wall carefully so there won't be any issues regarding the wire.
  4. Now, use your hand to remove any debris in the unit. If there are more where your hands can't reach, use a vacuum. 
  5. Then, mix your cleaning solution, which will be used to clean the AC condenser coil. 
  6. Spray the cleaning solution in the coil; it will fume, and then use that to wash the coil. 
  7. Then, make sure to restore the air conditioner fins to their normal position.
  8. Return the fan and grill to their normal position. 
  9. Don't forget to return all the necessary parts to close up the unit. 

Remember to make sure that your AC conditioner is properly balanced. If there is an issue with the air conditioner due to its inability to be balanced, the AC would be inefficient. 

Where is The Filter on a York AC Unit?

Man hand hold air conditioner filter cleaning

The AC filter is the area through which air passes. Once it starts to lose its ability, you get to pay higher costs for AC unit repairs, electricity bills, etc.

Cool and healthy air is needed for proper ventilation in a home, which is a primary purpose of owning an air conditioner. The AC filter plays a big role in determining the kind of air that should be expected.

Where is the filter, and how can you manage it? Due to the different specs of York AC filters, there are mainly two places for you to find your AC filter. You can find it near the thermostat or beside the return duct. 

How to Clean York Air Conditioner Filter

Here are the steps needed in cleaning the York Air conditioner flier:

  1. Switch and disconnect the air conditioning unit.
  2. Then, proceed to examine the air filter. This is where you will know whether there is debris around the air filter. 
  3. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the vent cover.
  4. Now proceed to clean the air conditioner filter to get the dust out of the circulated air. 
  5. As stated at the beginning of the article, you can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of particles in the air conditioner filter. The vacuum might be dry or wet. 
  6. To ensure that the air filter is at its optimum performance, wash regularly in a detergent and water. Dip it inside it and use clean water to rinse it. 
  7. You can also mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle to kill all the bacteria on both sides of the air conditioner filter.
  8. Leave your AC air filter to dry for a while.
  9. Then proceed to screw the air conditioner and its covers to their normal position. 

How Often Should Your Air Conditioner Be Cleaned? 

The air conditioner should be at optimum performance and provide smooth ventilation. So, you ought to clean your air conditioner at least once a month or every two months.

This will affect the quality of air that circulates in your home. Unclean air from air conditioners has adverse health effects, especially if occupants of your home have respiratory diseases

Can You Wash AC Filters? 

Cleaning air conditioner filter on the wal

Yes, you can wash an AC filter, although you need to be very careful while doing so. Locate your AC filter, bring it out, and plunge it into warm water and detergent for about 10-15 minutes. You can use your hands to rinse it while in the warm water.

How Do You Clean an AC Blower Without Dismantling It? 

A worker is using a vacuum cleaner to clean the air conditioner

The AC blower, also known as a filter, can be cleaned without dismantling the AC. If you have an idea of how much dust debris or bacteria are on the AC blower, you can clean it if it isn't much. This can be easily done using a vacuum cleaner. 

To Wrap Up

In addition to the points above, if your air filter isn't working properly, contaminated air would be released into the environment which affects your health. Cleaning and maintaining the performance of your York air conditioner and its lifespan is one of the best ways to avoid unnecessary AC repair costs in the future. 

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