Ecobee Thermostat Causing Furnace To Short Cycle – What To Do?

Your Ecobee thermostat and furnace unit need to be perfectly in working order to function effectively. For this instance when your Ecobee thermostat causes the furnace to short cycle, what fixes do you need? Well, rest assured! We're here to help you get the answer to this matter. See for yourself what we've discovered below!

You must correctly set your Ecobee thermostat settings to avoid the furnace unit short cycling. Additionally, check your Ecobee thermostat's wiring and batteries as other potential reasons the furnace is short cycling. If your furnace has operation problems, it will not fulfill the Ecobee thermostat's commands.

If your furnace begins short cycling, you'll have to:

  • Replace the dirty filter.
  • Inspect for any air leaks.
  • Search for a blocked exhaust flue.
  • Replace the old furnace unit.
  • Ensure your furnace unit is the ideal size for your home.

That's a lot of crucial information right there. Keep reading as we go in-depth at explaining how to correctly connect your Ecobee thermostat wiring. You will also learn how to stop your Ecobee device from short cycling the furnace unit. Without further ado, let's start the discussion below!

An Ecobee smart thermostat attached on the wall, Ecobee Thermostat Causing Furnace To Short Cycle - What To Do?

What Is Furnace Short Cycling?

Short cycling is one of the most prevalent furnace issues that homeowners encounter. The term "short cycle" refers to the furnace briefly turning on before shutting off.

This back-and-forth motion may harm your furnace and prevent your house from adequately warming up. Several issues could result in this problem to show but wrong thermostat settings are one among other relevant causes.

Should I Set My Ecobee To Auto mode?

Your Ecobee thermostat device's auto mode feature is excellent for keeping your house at a pleasant temperature. This is very handy in warmer regions or in between the heating and cooling periods.

Setting your Ecobee in auto mode helps it to regulate and adjust its setup on its own. This allows your furnace not to short cycle because the control board has the overall control on its desired set point.

The Ecobee will show two set points during this system mode: one for heating mode and one for cooling mode. The heating set point comes in orange light on your screen, and the cooling set point sign is blue.

How To Correctly Set My Ecobee Thermostat Temperature?

An Ecobee smart thermostat in a home

Sometimes, your Ecobee thermostat thermal reading could show inaccurately. Luckily, if somehow you want to change or correct its current settings, you'll have to go and use the +/- 10° sign with the thermal correction settings.

Follow us below to learn the easy steps of how you do it:

  1. Press the "MENU" key on your Ecobee thermostat screen.
  2. Now proceed to the "SETTINGS" key.
  3. Then move forward to the "INSTALLATION SETTINGS" key.
  4. Tap the "THRESHOLD" menu.
  5. Select next the "TEMPERATURE CORRECTION" menu.
  6. Finally, you can now able to change its thermal setting accordingly to your needs.

Note: These steps require your Ecobee thermostat to be functional to correctly apply these setups.

How Do I Troubleshoot My Ecobee thermostat?

Troubleshooting your Ecobee thermostat can solve many issues, including short cycling. If ever your newly installed Ecobee device isn't turning on then you maybe attach its wiring incorrectly.

Here's how you correctly troubleshoot your Ecobee wiring:

  1. You should connect the power R/Rc/or Rh wires to the Rc power terminal on your Ecobee thermostat.
  2. Mind that your Ecobee thermostat needs a C wire to switch "ON." You must ensure that the C wire is properly attached to the C terminal in your HVAC control panel.
  3. If you're using a power extender kit on your Ecobee3 lite, Ecobee4, or SmartThermostat with voice features, ensure that it is connected the same as these patterns:
    • R wire >> RC terminal G wire >> C terminal W wire >> W1 terminal Y wire >> PEK terminal
  4. Properly attach your Ecobee thermostat wires to its backplate to power it "ON" when you need to operate it.
  5. Secure its pins to be fully inserted into the device backplate.
  6. Make sure that you're using an ideal wire; remember that your Ecobee thermostat requires a 24VAC to run.
  7. Check your circuit power if it is switched "ON" along with the fuse if it is broken. Replace it as necessary.

Warning! This procedure requires broad electrical knowledge. Knowledge and precision is the key to ensuring the best job quality result. We highly suggest calling your Ecobee technician and letting them assist you in this regard.

How To Stop Ecobee Thermostat To Keep Short Cycling Your Furnace?

Ecobee WIFI thermostat wiring for a heat and air conditioning unit for more efficiency

Your Ecobee thermostat and furnace unit work together to properly warm your home. If the Ecoobe device causes issues such as short cycling in your furnace. You need to troubleshoot the furnace's vital components to fix this issue.

Aside from setting the temperature of your Ecobee thermostat, you should also consider inspecting the furnace's various parts and ensure it isn't causing the short cycling problem.

Here are the common causes of your furnace's short cycling issue that needs immediate action:

Thermostat Battery Issue

This might sound obvious, but it's impossible to operate your thermostat device with low power or an already dead battery. If you couldn't regulate proper thermal settings in your furnace, then eventually it will lead a to short cycle. Replacing your Ecobee thermostat's battery every year is a must to prevent this kind of problem from showing.

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Temperature Wrong Setup

Your thermostat device is the most likely suspect for short cycling. Like any other piece, it is not completely dependable and may require maintenance from time to time.

If your Ecobee thermostat isn't working properly, it may be instructing the furnace to turn off early. You can use our detailed steps above to correctly set up your Ecobee settings to avoid this.

What Are The Other Causes Of The Furnace To Short Cycle?

As we've mentioned, your furnace's vital components may need simple maintenance to solve this problem.

Severely Dirty Filter

Man holding furnace air filter for cleaning

The most frequent reason for short cycling is a filthy air filter. Dirt buildup on your air filter will prevent optimum airflow to the furnace unit. The advisable replacement of your furnace's air filter is around 90 days, so be mindful to follow these rules.

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Air Leakage

Any air leaks in your insulation system will cause your furnace unit to work extra hard. If you let your furnace run above its normal operation cycles, this will result in overheating.

Once the furnace control panel detects any abnormal condition within its system, it will shut down your furnace. It is best to ensure your insulation system is leak free to avoid your furnace's constantly short cycling.

A Blocked Exhaust Flue

Your exhaust flue may be obstructed, which would prevent heated gases from leaving the system properly. This will result in the flue limit switch turning off the furnace system before the flue gets too hot.

Typically, the issue is due to a blockage in the flue. For instance, an animal could have left some twigs in the outlet hole. Examine and clean your exhaust flue every two weeks so that your furnace unit should function normally again.

Oversized Furnace Unit

If you often notice your furnace unit shutting off and turning on again, this could indicate that your furnace system is simply too big for your house's heating capacity.

In addition, this will not only lead to short cycling issues but your energy bill as well will eventually surge high. Avoid using an oversized furnace unit to eliminate these possible problems in the long process.

Overly Old Furnace Unit

An overly old furnace unit is more susceptible to short cycling. As your furnace gets older, its other crucial parts are wearing down as well as a result of frequent short cycling happening in its system.

It is a good idea to consider replacing your inefficient and less effective furnace unit rather than suffer its unpleasant effects. According to experts, you should consider replacing your HVAC unit if it is older than 10 years.

In Conclusion

Ecobee smart thermostat attached on the wall

Your Ecobee thermostat needs to operate in line with your furnace unit. There might be a time that your Ecobee device will cause your furnace to short cycle or vice versa with the furnace. After all, these simply imply that it needs an immediate proper evaluation.

Throughout this post, we have discussed why your Ecobee or furnace unit goes on a short cycle. You also learned several pieces of vital knowledge on how to avoid this problem to arise. We hope that sharing all this significant information helps you maintain and care for both your Ecobee thermostat and furnace unit.

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