How Loud Is A Goodman Air Conditioner?

Once you get the chance to choose an air conditioner, you would probably not go for just efficient. The quieter, the better, too. While the Goodman air conditioner is known to be dependable without the hefty price tag, it is completely acceptable to wonder how loud it is. We already have the answer to this specific question and feel that you even deserve some bonus information.

On average, a Goodman air conditioner produces 40 decibels during normal operation. The noise range can reach 70 decibels when operating under stress. Goodman air conditioners are not the quietest, but they emit almost the same sound levels as that of units from many brands.

You can’t go wrong with an AC purchase – but it is not cheap. We completely understand your point and so we round up all other information you need to save you time. Plese keep reading to learn more about Goodman ACs. Thank us later!

High efficiency modern air conditioner, How Loud Is A Goodman Air Conditioner?

Goodman Air Conditioner Noise Level

The Goodman quality is unquestionably impressive considering that it falls in the lower price range for AC. When it comes to the noise level, it should not hurt to settle for a Goodman. Most home AC noise levels fall between 72 and 82 decibels (2002).

Two decades after, air conditioners have improved a lot not just in performance but in noise level as well. This includes Goodman air conditioners. Yet again, they are not the best candidates for the quietest AC.

Decibels can be a pain to understand, especially without a chart to rely on. To aid that curiosity, the American Academy of Audiology noise chart translates breathing to be 10 decibels. 40 decibels represent the sound of a quiet rural area or the library. The range, 70 decibels, is like the sound of traffic or a vacuum.

On the other hand, some things also tell how loud a Goodman air conditioner is.

What Contributes to AC Noise

Unless you have that model’s brochure and specifications in hand, it is difficult to tell how loud exactly a Goodman air conditioner could get. To help you have a clearer idea, here are things that would determine AC noise.

1. Model and Componenets

Like all air conditioners, it is impossible to get rid of all the noise when there are compressors, condensers, and fans working inside the unit. This leads to the point that one indicator of sound levels for AC is the model and the components that are in the system.

Models that have 2-stage compressors are quieter while those that utilize multi-stage compressors provide the quietest sound.

Older models may also be noisier than newer Goodman AC models. Most of their models today have improved parts and come with a compressor sound blanket that reduces the sound.

2. AC Type

Aside from the components, the type of AC should also give you an idea of what to expect. The window type is notorious for generating louder sounds. Portable types are often the same.

Their compact design puts all components close to each other. These components that are locked in one case vibrate and produce a sound all at the same time during operation.

The Goodman split type and central air conditioners are quieter. The fact that the compressor is laid outside the house, and the ductwork and vents are means that distribute and reduce the noise, mean a lower sound output.

Repairing air conditioner

3. Location and Installation

An air conditioner with 70 decibels on normal operation may be enough to distract and annoy someone, but where and how you install it may make a difference. Installing an AC in a larger room may give soundwaves more room to dissipate. Remember also that the farther you are from the unit, the quieter the sound gets.

That also explains how split and central types are quieter. Because their compressors and condensers are usually installed outside the house, their noise level could go only around 30 decibels inside the house.

4. Age

Air conditioner (AC) indoor unit or evaporator and wall-mounted

It’s not a surprise that older versions are louder. Old air conditioners may also have wearing parts that contribute to the noise. However, hearing humming, gurgling, or hissing sounds from a new air conditioning unit tells a different story.

It depends on what is broken but these cracking and rattling sounds can go from just annoying to unbearable. You would not want to deal with these loud noises for long or put your hearing health at risk.

Many times, odd sounds especially on new units indicate something is wrong.  If you suspect that these sounds are not normal, then call a certified technician to check the unit.

What is a good noise level for an air conditioner?

A quieter AC is always better when it comes to noise level for an air conditioner. Daikin suggests that the AC sound must not go over 5 decibels from the normal ambient noise.

The Environmental Protection Agency has set out rules on domestic machine noise which includes air conditioners. The noise should not go over 45 dB from 10 pm until 7:00 AM the following day and over 52 dB from 7:00 AM until 10:00 PM.

Fret not! These sound levels are meant to be measured in the neighbor’s or receiver’s area. Insulation blankets may also help you lower AC noise.

Are goodman compressors loud?

New Air conditioning compresso


Goodman compressors do generate sound during operation but not at a disturbing level. These are the types designed specifically for residential AC. Therefore, they are engineered to be as quiet as possible.

Unless the compressor is old and broken, there should not be any rattling, buzzing, clicking, or humming sounds. Also, newer kinds of AC compressors are quieter and come with noise blankets as a noise reduction feature.

Is it important to have a quiet air conditioner?

Goodman HVAC unit on the outside of a vacation house.

Yes, it is important to have a quiet air conditioner. Too much noise will likely take a toll on your head and then your hearing health. 

A quiet air conditioner means better sleep. It is also easier to stay focused when reading or working when you are not distracted by the constant humming sound from the air conditioner.

In Conclusion

A Goodman air conditioner generates around 40 decibels during normal operation like many air conditioners. How loud it could get depends on some things like its age, model, type, and where it is installed. You should be fine as long as it is in the healthy sound range.

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