Why Does My Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Shut Off Randomly?

If your Dyson pure hot + cool is shutting off randomly, you may be wondering about the cause of the problem and how to fix it. Fortunately, we have done the legwork for you, and here is what we found.

Dyson pure hot + cool may shut off randomly due to the following:

  • Continuous heating
  • Bad outlet
  • Faulty power cord
  • Dirty filter

If you notice that your Dyson pure hot + cool is going off often, make sure to tackle the problem as soon as possible. Keep reading to get detailed information about Dyson pure hot + cool.

Why Does My Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Shut Off Randomly

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Here are possible reasons why your Dyson pure hot + cool is shutting off randomly:

Continuous Heating

Dyson pure hot + cool comes with a safety feature that makes it go off after heating for about 9 hours. Sometimes, the machine will go off when it is in auto and producing heat for a long time. Bear in mind that this feature cannot be disabled.

Faulty Power Cord

An old broken electrical outlet fell out of the wall, danger of electric shock.

If your power cord is bad, there is a high chance that your Dyson pure hot + cool will keep hutting off randomly. It is easy for a power cord to develop issues.

The power cord has a thick rubber housing that holds several cables. This is where electric current flows. Using your device properly won't break the cord but leaving it tangled and in areas with too many objects will. 

Dirty Filter

Dyson pure hot + cool comes with a filter that should be well-maintained. It is recommended to clean the device regularly so it can last longer and serve its purpose. It is advisable to clean your filters at least once a month and replace them every three to six months.

If you clean your filters often, the chances of overheating will be reduced. If your Dyson pure hot + cool is shutting off, consider inspecting the filter for dirt.

Bad Outlet

This is another possible reason your Dyson pure hot + cool is shutting off randomly. Power sources play a very crucial role in making your machine work. It is as essential as the various parts of the device. Wall outlets hardly go bad, but when they do, many problems occur. 

It may be difficult to detect if the outlet is the cause of the issue since they show similar signs as a defective component. If the outlet is badly damaged, it will not supply power to the device or may provide unsteady power.

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What To Do If Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Shut Off Randomly?

Whenever your Dyson pure hot + cool starts to shut off randomly, there are things you can do to deal with the problem. Here are some:

Turn It Back On

If the device goes off after 9 hours and you still want to keep using it, turn it back on with the power button. Just check the body of your device or the remote control for the button.

Use Another Outlet

To do this, try removing the device from the faulty outlet. After taking it out, look for another outlet in your home and plug your Dyson pure hot + cool. If the outlet is truly the reason why the appliance is shutting off, it should work perfectly again.

Clean Your Filter

Before cleaning the filter, makes sure to unplug your Dyson pure hot + cool from the outlet. After that, you can remove the filter. Next, rinse it using cold water; five minutes should be enough.

Don't leave one side; rinse both. After that, leave the filter for about 24 hours to dry, then put it back on your Dyson pure hot + cool. 

Avoid using heating elements to hasten the process. If your device needs another filter, get the right one. When fixing it, ensure the tabs click well.

Contact A Professional

If, after trying the above solution and your Dyson pure hot + cool is still shutting off, you should call a professional to help diagnose the issue and offer the right solution to the problem. However, it is best to try solving the problem yourself first, so you can save the service charge.

Can I Use Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Without Filter?

Showroom Brand Store Dyson. Modern Home Appliances And Beauty Tools Dyson.

Using Dyson pure hot + cool without a filter is not advisable. This is because the filter plays a vital role in ensuring the device functions well. The HEPA filter helps in preventing allergens from coming back into circulation. 

When using this device, it is always good to vacuum regularly. This is to reduce the amount of dirt your Dyson pure hot + cool needs to clean up.

The Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] and Occupational Safety and Health Administration [OSHA] recommend using HEPA filters because of their effectiveness.

HEPA filters are known to trap about 99.97 percent of particles and have already been tested by various organizations, including IEST and ISO.

One of these organizations reveals that HEPA filter traps no less than 99.95 percent of particles. Generally, the particles it can trap are of the most penetrating size (MPPS).

Furthermore, HEPA filters have passed many tests, confirming that they are safe for use with high performance. Other filters that don't pass major tests may not be able to get rid of harmful particles in the air.

It also has a carbon layer that prevents the release of dirt into the environment. The filter should be replaced often if the need arises since it is essential and determines how the device functions.

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Can Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Replace An AC?

Dyson store in Syntrend shopping mall, Taipei. Dyson is a British technology company designs and manufactures household appliances such as vacuum cleaners and dryers.

The Dyson pure hot + cool can't serve as a replacement for AC. The device can't do all the work AC does. The major work of an AC is to control the humidity and heat in a given space.

Dyson pure hot + cool cannot cool your home like an AC. It is a better option for getting rid of air contaminants. Dyson produces different devices for air purification and home comfort, but they cannot replace an AC.  

Can I Connect Dyson Pure Hot + Cool To My Smartphone?

Yes, Dyson pure hot + cool can be connected to smartphones. This is possible with the use of the Dyson Link App, which is one of the features that help you control the device. With this, you can easily adjust the oscillation and set the temperature as desired.

All you have to do is get the app on your iPhone or android. It is easy to use, and you don't need much time to set it up. A few minutes is enough to do that.

Furthermore, a remote can also operate Dyson pure hot + cool. This is another alternative to using a smartphone.

The LCD screen on the device helps you see the command given while using the remote. Any contamination close by can be autodetected if you are using the product.

What Size of Room Does The Dyson Pure Cool Cover?

Shallow focus of the hand controller seen atop a floor standing, popular high technology air purifier. Part of a large LED TV scan be seen, set in the living room.

Most Dyson product serves their purposes. The performance of Dyson TP04 was tested in a room measuring 500 sq ft [46 sq m]. This is to determine the size of the room the product can cover. 

Dyson TP04 can be effectively used in a room of about  600 sq ft. During the test, the product was turned on every night for about 10 hours.

Additionally, the amount of PM2.5 the product cleaned was also analyzed during the test. This was done by checking the level of PM2.5 before its use.

The test was carried out repeatedly to get the best result, as changes in air pollution levels affect the performance of the device. It was repeated eight more times, each for one day.

To Wrap Up

If you notice that your Dyson pure hot + cool is shutting off randomly, the problem could be a result of continuous heating, a bad outlet, a faulty power cord, or a dirty filter.

You should use another outlet, clean your filter, and repair your power cord to fix the issue. If you cannot deal with the problem by yourself, don't hesitate to call a professional for help.

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