What Size Light Bulb For A Ceiling Fan?

As a homeowner, you may be a bit confused about the right size of light bulb to use for your ceiling fan. Fortunately, we have completed some research, and here's what we found.

The size of a light bulb that should be used for a ceiling fan depends on the one installed by the manufacturer. Ceiling fans of 36 to 56 inches usually need 55 to 100 W bulbs. The size of a ceiling fan bulb can be determined by measuring the base of the installed bulb.

You should consider the type and size of the already installed bulb when choosing a new bulb for your ceiling fan. Continue reading to get detailed information about ceiling fan bulbs and their sizes.

A geometric shaped ceiling fan with three hexagonal glass housed light bulbs, What Size Light Bulb For A Ceiling Fan?

Light Bulb Size For A Ceiling Fan

Choosing a light bulb for your ceiling fan doesn't entail going to the store and selecting just any bulb. If you want to get the right bulb size for your ceiling fan, there are several factors to consider. One of them is the type of bulb installed by the manufacturer.

A modern five blade ceiling fan with halogen light bulbs

Manufacturers use different types and sizes of bulbs for ceiling fans. Most ceiling fans from 36 to 56 inches require 55 to 100 W bulbs.

However, light bulbs like mini candelabra, standard candelabra, intermediate, and medium are suited for ceiling fans. The intermediate and candelabra bulbs are the most commonly used. Most new ceiling fan models have mini candelabra, whilst older ceiling fan models have a regular medium light bulb. 

Furthermore, measuring the base of a ceiling fan bulb that is already installed or in use will help you determine the right size of the bulb to get for your fan. The following are light bulbs for ceiling fan and their measurements: 

  • Mini Candelabra Bulb: The bulb base (E11) measures 0.43 inches in width and 0.51 inches in height.
  • Standard Candelabra Bulb: The bulb base (E12) is 0.47 inches wide and 0.65 inches tall.
  • Intermediates Bulb: With a width of 0.54-inch and a height of 0.82-inch, its bulb base (E17) is slightly larger than the mini and standard candelabra bulb.
  • Medium Bulb: This bulb measures 1.05 inches in height.

How Do I Know The Size Of Light Bulb To Get?

When your ceiling fan bulb goes out, figuring out the right size for a replacement may seem difficult since there are different sizes of light bulbs for a ceiling fan. Do the following before choosing a light bulb for your ceiling fan:

Check the User Manual

You can discover the size of the bulb used in your ceiling fans by consulting the user manual since it contains all the necessary information regarding your fan. 

Check the Base of Your Fan

You should also check the type of base your fixture have. Most ceiling fans have a medium base, which is the usual size for incandescents and incandescent replacements, or candelabra bases. 

Measure the Size of the Already Installed Bulb

Measuring the bulb that comes with your ceiling fan will give you an idea of the bulb size to go for. You can easily do this on your own.

Modern ceiling fan with four glass housed light bulb

Can I Use Any Light Bulb For My Ceiling Fan?

You can't use just any type of light bulb for a ceiling fan. There are some bulbs that are meant for ceiling fans. A ceiling fan bulb must be able to withstand the movement of the ceiling fan. 

Additionally, the type of bulb used depends on the type of ceiling fan. For dimmable ceiling fans, only LED lights with dimming ability are suited for use. When selecting replacement bulbs, make sure they are the same as the ones that came with the fan. 

Best Light Bulbs For Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan with yellow colored light bulbs

There is a link between the light in your home and your health, so it is important to choose the best light bulb. The frequent flickering of your light bulb can cause severe headaches and eye strain. Here are the best light bulbs for your ceiling fan:

Handsang Candelabra LED Bulb 

This LED bulb provides brighter light compared to other bulbs. The bulb's efficiency and brightness are superior to other ceiling fan light bulbs. Also, the electricity consumption of candelabra bulbs is significantly lower than that of other bulbs. In other words, the cost of utilizing this type of light bulb is lower. 

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Luxrite LED Bulb

This brand is not too popular but their ceiling fan light bulbs serve their purpose since they are small in size. Luxrite's ceiling fan light bulbs are among the smallest light that you can find. The lights have a 5000k white balance rating. When it comes to its performance numbers, it is a ceiling fan light bulb of 40-watt.

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Comzler Candelabra LED Bulb 

The Comzler ceiling fan light bulb is an environmentally friendly bulb with 60 watts of output power. It has a high luminosity, and it is safe for your eyes and the environment as a whole. This eco-friendly light bulb is known to be durable and reliable. 

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Shinestar Ceiling Fan Light Bulb

This ceiling bulb has an output power of 60 W. It comes with E12 sockets, and eight bulbs are usually included in each package. Shinestar ceiling bulb offers a large pack of bulbs, high-intensity lighting, and a standard color temperature. The Shinestar ceiling bulb is capable of illuminating the room or area in which it is situated with a sufficient amount of light. 

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Can Appliance Bulbs Be Used In Ceiling Fans?  

Appliance bulbs are a type of light bulb that can be used in a variety of appliances including ceiling fans. Appliance bulbs are made to withstand high temperatures and harsh conditions. In addition to having a more durable filament that can withstand vibrations, they are shatterproof.

Appliance bulbs can withstand the shock and vibrations that come with the movement of a ceiling fan. Also, it is beneficial to use appliance bulbs for ceiling fans because they are small and can produce a pleasant glow.

How Bright Should A Ceiling Fan Light Be?

When choosing a bulb for your ceiling fan, it is better to go with the one that has a high lumen output. This is to make sure that the bulb provides the needed light that can be used to carry out daily tasks.

Bulbs with low lumen output may not offer enough lighting for your home. For better lighting, you should consider using a standing or table lamp together with your ceiling fan light especially when you are reading or writing. 

Why Do Ceiling Fans Use Candelabra Bulbs?

Led light bulbs installed on the ceiling fan

Manufacturers switched to candelabra bulbs because they are energy efficient and can be easily fixed in ceiling fans. They are ideal if you are looking for a durable bulb that conserves energySwitching to candelabra bulbs allows ceiling fan manufacturers to comply with the watt regulation that was set in January 2014, as well as the additional requirements that follow.

Can You Make Ceiling Fan Light Dimmable?

Ceiling fans with dimmable lights have become increasingly common. Manufacturers are now producing ceiling fans with remote control and dimmable light.

With the dimming feature, you can adjust the light's brightness and this will reduce your electric bill, but not all ceiling fan lights are dimmable. Dimmable lights are not available on older ceiling fan models. You can mostly find them in newer models.

If you use a dimmer switch with a non-dimmable light bulb, the bulb is likely to overheat, and you run the risk of damaging both the switch and the bulb. Hence, you cannot dim all ceiling fan light.

Final Takeaways

A geometric shaped ceiling fan with three hexagonal glass housed light bulbs

Deciding on the right size of ceiling fan bulb to go for isn't as difficult as it seems. You can just measure the base of the existing bulb in your ceiling fan to determine the correct bulb size to choose. Also, you should choose your ceiling fan bulb based on the features of your fan. If you are finding it difficult you can consult the user's manual, check the base of your fan, and measure the existing bulb on your Fan.

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