Ecobee Thermostat Stuck On Ecobee Screen – Why And What To Do

Perhaps your home has an Ecobee thermostat, and its screen has frozen, and you wonder how to troubleshoot this issue. Or do you wonder what will happen when you reset your Ecobee thermostat? These are excellent questions.

We've completed the research and found definite answers to your Ecobee-related questions.

Several reasons will cause the Ecobee thermostat's screen to get stuck on the Ecobee screen.

  • Circuit board issues
  • Power outages
  • Wi-fi issues
  • Wiring issues

Are you interested in learning more about how to troubleshoot an Ecobee thermostat? Or how to set the device to manual? We hope you continue reading our post. We have researched these topics and found a lot of helpful information to share!

An Ecobee smart thermostat in a home, Ecobee Thermostat Stuck On Ecobee Screen - Why And What To Do

The Ecobee thermostat is stuck on the Ecobee screen

There are several reasons why the Ecobee thermostat screen is stuck. Determining what caused this issue will require troubleshooting and referencing your owners' manual. 

A tripped circuit

Check your breaker box and double-check the Ecobees wires to ensure they are plugged in correctly. Lack of voltage will always cause issues on the screen.

Check your web portal via the app or website for the best results to determine if and when the power went out. Data gaps in the runtime reports will indicate a loss of power. 

Terminal wiring issues

Ecobee WIFI thermostat wiring for a heat and air conditioning unit for more efficiency

Suppose power-related issues are not the cause of the stuck display screen. Next, check the power wire. Open the Ecobee thermostat and make sure the wires are connected to the correct terminals.

Also, be sure that you follow the instructions for opening the Ecobee in your owners' manual. 

The terminal connections power wire  R/Rc/Rh must be connected to the RC terminal to power the Ecobee thermostat effectively.

Please note that there is an exception to these wiring connections of Ecobee3, which does not require the same terminal connections.

Power outages

The thermostat does not receive ample electricity to continue functioning correctly when the power is out for anywhere from a few minutes to hours. Check your web portal to see if the data log shows a recent outage. 

Internet issues 

When the internet service is temporarily disrupted in your local area, the thermostat screen will be frozen due to a lack of internet connectivity. Often electronic devices will temporarily freeze without wi-fi, and resetting the Ecobee should clear this issue.

Please continue reading our article to learn how to reset your Ecobee thermostat correctly.


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How do I get my thermostat off hold?

Tap the main menu, then settings, next tap preferences, and tap the hold action to change the selection. The Ecobee has several hold preferences to select that are designed to meet your home's unique energy needs. 

Ecobee hold options

  • Two or four-hour holds.
  • Until the next scheduled activity. 
  • Until I change it. 
  • Decide at the time of change. 

Cold and hot weather thermometer on a white background

How do I restart my frozen Ecobee?

Resetting the Ecobee will remove the schedule and reset all selected preferences, like the date and time, hold action, temperature range, location, etc.

Please note that the device will retain the equipment configurations and your Ecobee account information. 

The steps for resetting the Ecobee thermostat

  1. Tap the main menu. 
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Tap reset.
  4. Tap reset schedule and preferences.

How do I set my Ecobee thermostat to manual?

Setting your Ecobee to manual will differ based on which Ecobee you own and whether you are adjusting it on the app or physical thermostat.

Smart Thermostat Ecobee Premium and Smart Thermostat Enhanced

Whether your Ecobee is on the auto, cool, or heat settings, the current temperature will be displayed at the bottom of the thermostat's home screen. Tap the numbers, and the temperature selector will appear.

Next, on the temperature selector screen, use the plus or minus buttons to increase or decrease the temperature. Once you have found your desired temperature, tap the highlighted number to place the hold. 

 Smart Thermostat with voice control, ecobee4, ecobee3 lite, and ecobee3

Press one of the temperature bubbles on the right side of the screen. Then, keep your finger on the screen to move the temperature bubble up or down to select your preferred temperature.

Let go. The hold will be placed at the desired temperature.

Can I run Ecobee without the internet?

Yes. The Ecobee will function without wi-fi. In the instances where the Ecobee is not connected to the internet, it will work as a traditional thermostat and regulate your cooling and heating comfort set points.

However, it will not record energy data, usage, or have access to weather reports. Also, you will not have access to all the excellent features to assist your home's HVAC system and ensure it operates smoothly with energy savings as a priority.

Should the Ecobee be set to the Auto setting to save energy?

Selecting the auto mode function is a wise choice for those who live in mild climates or for the weeks between the changes of the seasons.

The auto setting will keep your home at a designated temperature and prevent the HVAC systems from running unnecessarily, conserving energy usage and reducing your monthly utility bills.

Can you see energy usage on the Ecobee?

Great question! Suppose you own one of the following Smart Thermostat Premium, Smart Thermostat Enhanced, Smart thermostat with voice control, Ecobee4, Ecobee3 Lite, Ecobee3, Ecobee SMART Si, Ecobee SMART.

You will find your energy-saving data at the Ecobee Web Portal.

Click or tap the Home IQ tile to view your estimated energy savings, an overview of how your HVAC system has been functioning, how your energy savings are comparing to others in your area, and download your thermostat's historical data. 

What types of HVAC systems are Ecobee thermostats compatible with?

Air conditioning units mounted on a concrete pads

Ecobee states that the thermostats are compatible with most 24-volt residential heating and cooling systems, including gas, electric, dual-fuel systems, and oil.

Please note that these statements are pertaining to heating and cooling systems manufactured for homes in North America. 

Suppose you are considering adding an Ecobee thermostat to your home, and you are unsure if it will work with your HVAC systems. 

Click here to use the compatibility checker designed by Ecobee to ensure your purchase is compatible with regulating your home's current HVAC systems. 

Do you have a gas fireplace in your home and wonder how to configure your Ecobee thermostat? Click here to read "Does Ecobee Work With Gas Fireplace? [And How To!]"

Final thoughts

An Ecobee smart thermostat in a home

The team at HVACseer would like to thank you for reading our article!

The ongoing efforts to maintain a cool home during the heat of the summer or the frigid months of winter can be an endless chore; that is why Ecobee thermostats are an excellent investment for managing your home's temperatures and energy usage.  

Please check out some of our other posts before you go to help further your knowledge about operating your Ecobee thermostat. 

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